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Teaching Around the World

I linked to a Bible Study format various times through my years on this blog. There are several great ways to study God’s Word with folks from any number of countries. I have mainly studied with ladies in Nigeria and here in the States but now, with others from our congregation, I get to have ongoing studies with 14 young ladies from a secondary school in Ghana. I am so excited. I hope that through the months of study we will become friends as well – and then prayerfully, sisters in Christ.

students from Ghana

We are working with World Bible School to bring these studies to these students.

I have often referred to life as a journey – on here and my other blog as well. For any journey one should be well prepared and equipped to tackle what may come their way. The best way to approach life is to have directions otherwise one may truly spend their days traveling without meaning, going in circles from one dilemma to another. I love that God, the Creator Designer of us all, left us thoroughly equipped with directions on how to tackle every single thing life could throw out to us.

Here’s how it’s put on the WBS Preview page –

Why Consider the Bible?

Consider the Bible as the Map for life. Its wisdom spans many centuries, yet millions today find its message as fresh and relevant as ever. They find that its principles work in daily life – in every stage of life. They discover purpose for living. That purpose gives them hope for now and for the future – even beyond this life. They believe in a home with God forever. In other words, they believe the Bible when it claims to speak for God.

In seeking a map for life, consider the Bible’s claims. Again and again, it assures us that it is the pure word from our Maker. Yes, the Map for life.

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Timeless Moments/11 … A Love Story

I enjoy a good love story … most people do. And no one can tell a love story like the heavenly Author. These stories of the Bible so often involve tragedy, suffering and always joy – like real life. I think one of the reasons I like this story so much is because my own Mother’s name was Naomi … and that means pleasant which could personify her. And my Dad has a sister named Ruth … and she and my Mom were very, very close. But, irregardless of my tie to these names, this story has all the elements needed for it to go down in history as something to remember.

Poor Naomi is living in a foreign land and loses everything – returns to her homeland and basically changes her name to represent  her sad circumstances in life. The bright and worthy situation that causes some memorable words to be penned is actually based on the love between her and the widow of her son. This widow, Ruth, desires to leave her own homeland of Moab and travel with Naomi back to Israel. She has learned of the one true God from her husband and mother-in-law and chooses this new life as opposed to her own which included the traditional pagan gods.

Have you heard these spoken at a wedding before: “Entreat me not to leave you, or to return from following after you: for where you go, I will go; where you lodge, I will lodge: your people will be my people and your God my God: where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried: the Lord do so to me and more also, if anything but death divide you and me.” Ruth 1:16-17

naomiWhen Ruth the Moabite pledged her love and loyalty to Naomi and to Naomi’s God, she marked her place in the history of Israel. Ruth has inspired millions by her beautiful words of loyalty to her mother-in-law, and through her descendants has come our Kinsman-redeemer, assuring us our place in the family of God and an inheritance of eternal life.   By Alton Howard, in the book timeless moments

Read the book of Ruth for yourself – the rest of the story is full of suspense, joy and of course, more love – you see the grief and wisdom of Naomi, the courage and willingness of Ruth and the respect and compassion of Boaz …. with Ruth getting a new husband, a son (and more children) and this first one is Obed, the father to David who would one day be King of over Israel…. et cetera …. deep sorrow turns to joy and such celebration!!

This tale is one of many that pull it all together … the eternal divine love story that has your name written in it.

You are indeed blessed.

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Words of Wisdom 1

I believe for general life-skills there isn’t a more profound book of guidance than Proverbs … it was written by Solomon (and a few others) but inspired by God himself. We actually see in chapter eight that Jesus is wisdom personified in creation. The Word … made manifest and who dwelt among us.

It’s a rare day when I don’t choose to read from the book of Proverbs. Inspirational, motivational, keeps me on track, guards my heart, and reassures me that there is a right path and God tells me he will be more than happy to provide all the wisdom I need in life to stay faithful. Now, isn’t that Good News!!

Wednesday – Words of Wisdom

wisdom 1Proverbs 2: 6 For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. 7 He holds success in store for the upright, he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless, 8 for he guards the course of the just and protects the way of his faithful ones.

Posted by: Robin Lynn | 02/01/2016

Readings and Studies

Well, I really, really loved reading through the Bible last year! I used The Daily Bible – in 365 daily readings. This is definitley not the first time I’ve done this … if you’ve never read through the Bible before, this is an excellent first way to do it. F. LaGard Smith has some great commentary along the way and the whole scheme and purpose of the Story comes to life!

I am now part of a group who is reading through the New Testament in a year. This is wonderful too because we can take time to treasure the Word more fully. We’re only in Matthew 21 so far so, if you’d like to join us, there is a Facebook conversation group plus a download of the writings I can get to you.

I am reading through Proverbs – month by month, chapter by chapter – I’ve done this for years in the prayer and hope that God will increase my wisdom and discernment daily.

bible study and read

My joyful, full of richness time is the partaking in a study called Immeasurably More by Casandra Martin. Hubby got me the book last year as a gift but I just started studying it for real this past month. She has the lessons divided into four days a piece and I like taking my time as I do this one. Sad to say, Casandra passed from this life to the next back in December. This world is not quite as bright without her light shining. Happy to say, she left a written legacy of fabulous, rich study books  … Women Opening the Word – or WOW. That Facebook page is as active as ever. She was a beautiful Christian woman – surely a Proverbs 31 woman through and through.

bible two heartsI love the mental and spiritual work0ut I get when doing the Immeasurably More study …. there is so much to ponder on as well challenging my own  place on my faith walk. Good stuff definitely!!

bible study foundationWell, I hope you’re reading God’s word yourself. It is chock full of all we need for daily living in the best ways. All the answers are right there to live fully, deeply, joyfully … how could you not want to discover that for your very own self?

         God is so generous with his love and desire for each of to come to know his immeasurable                    grace and mercy. When you allow yourself to know and truly experience the love of God, it fuels your abundant life!

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Somethings … are Inevitable!

My week has been so full and rich this week – every single day there has been something different added to the mix. I really really need to concentrate on my work from home (that was my FULL intention for this week!!!) but then I know, all these ‘somethings’ have been good and so, I end up just relaxing in God’s way and will for my life.

One day saw Hubby and me in the home of a 97 year old beauty … I could seriously sit at her feet for hours – and have! Oh, I treasure her stories!! She is bright and witty and wise and I love her – the time in her presence always leaves me richer!!grandma kitAnother day saw me spending most of the day with a dear friend as she works through medical difficulties … we ended our afternoon with laughter and a very late lunch (early supper) at Little Richard’s.little richard girls out I grabbed a little down time with this little lady to enjoy some sunshine and play for a few minutes on Wednesday – which is a very good thing because it’s back to grey and drab today! sadie girlYesterday was delightful … got to be with this dear friend of mine. Yes yes yes …. Spent the afternoon with this lovely lady … you see, many, many moons ago we were college roomies – when we married our best fellas, we went our separate ways – sometimes countries separated us but we both homeschooled our kiddos and those little ones are all young adults …. now we live an hour apart … and you know what? Each time we get together – months or years between – we pick up just like it had been only yesterday that we were laughing and sharing our hearts. It was a very good day.  me and denise

Okay, so it was a very, very good week and it leaves my heart happy and joyful that I have the privilege and honor to love and be loved like I am.

Life is about service, right? and giving of your best and then, trusting that all things are working out to His divine purpose and plan.

When you are faithful in the ‘somethings’ of life other things are inevitable!!

Life is good, but God is great!!

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This Place

Okay – so I did a similar post on my other blog … because, well, I just did.

We enjoyed a fabulous few holiday months. Kids were home and that’s always wonderful. I’m so thankful that our adult children love coming home. It is absolutely one of the best feelings ever…. and having said that I will acknowledge as well that this could be a bittersweet, mixed emotions post but I will choose instead to delight in it. You see, this ‘office’ of mine also serves as a bedroom when kids are home … I miss Jake, but seriously, it’s good to be back in this place. I love my work space.

Try as I may, try as I might, I can’t or won’t seem to get the hang of blogging on my phone … ugh, just one more thing for me to re-learn and get used to!!

work space

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Timeless moment/10 A Summit Meeting

Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair. I mean seriously, why do ‘they’ prosper and ‘those’ suffer? Or how come they stay healthy and then my family gets so sick? Or why did they win and we lose? Why are they succeeding and I am not? It’s just not fair!!

We all have those stories … the make or break stories of life where something really terrible or incredible or tragic or stupendous happened to us or a close friend or family member. We know for certain, that had the reaction been different, or the timing been just a little off – well, the outcome would have been entirely different. So often it is just us giving up on life and it truly boils down that. That’s why failure happened in a business, or we failed a test, or perhaps we got ourselves head over heel in debt. Most likely, we are to blame for our failure; oftentimes it us not giving it our all. There are times when all we needed to do is hang in there a little longer. We should have stayed the course, been tenacious. Of course, then there are the circumstances out of our control … what ever the case, at times, we absolutely feel life is just not fair.

Talk about fair. There have been times that I got kind of upset over the fact that Moses didn’t get to enter the Promised Land. He worked so hard to get the children of Israel through all those trials and tribulations of the exit from Egypt and then the wanderings … I mean he put up with SO much!! It didn’t seem fair. I love that as remarkable a man as he was, we also can see that he was just as human as you and me. Frustrations, anger, impatience, fear – he had all that. Patience, love, courage, answers to prayers and a closeness to God – he had all that too. So, taking all this into account, I have come to the happy conclusion that as usual, God knew best … yes, he punished Moses and didn’t allow him to cross the Jordan but he allowed him -“the servant of the Lord” – to fall asleep in his everlasting arms …. and to be home at last!

Talk about a sweet, rewarding rest after a life well-spent!! moses and 10 a

“Moses’ summit with God on the peak of Mount Sinai stands alone as the greatest summit meeting of all time. In that timeless moment, God wrote his laws – the Ten Commandments – on tablets of stone, setting the standard for morality and duty that will continue to guide men and women through the ages.” By Alton Howard, Timeless Moments

For you are a chosen people. You are a kingdom of priests, God’s holy nation, his very own possession. This is so you can show others the goodness of God. 1Peter 2:9

When I was a kid we watched these awesome bigger than life Bible movies like once a year. One was The Ten Commandments. We may have seen it in the theater the first time, then it was in our home. We’d all sit in the living room together and see some of the stories of the Bible come to life. Now, as an adult looking over any of these movies based on the Bible I realize they cannot begin to capture the majesty, splendor and awesomeness of any real God event. But, I do fully believe that the giving of those Ten Commandments was a world changing event.

Remember this one? movie

Today, under Christ we’re not bound to the old law but even better than that we are under such a wonderful law of mercy and grace. It still demands much … not just of our actions but of total heart surrender. Choosing a life in Christ demands consistency on our part. Faithfulness to his Word and a life of obedience. This gracious law takes us even deeper into the knowledge and will of God. We are his holy nation! We live and love for the sake of Christ so that we can draw even more people unto him.

We are blessed. We are loved.

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Timeless Moments – returning soon!!

I still need to edit my next few notes in the Timeless Moments series but I will get it done very soon!!

In the meantime, I will share this from my morning ….

First of all, let me clue you in on a little but grand piece of information – this month means that is has been 37 years since I was all aflutter with the preparations of becoming a Mrs. Yep, on the 28th of this month we exchanged those awesome and powerful vows all those years ago. My Daddy performed our ceremony. Our wedding was rather small and simple and if I had to do it all over again, I’d have it just the same.

Okay – now, from my (our) morning …

pray together

All these years we’ve been together … we’ve prayed our way through them. Rejoicing, petitioning, begging, praising, loving, seeking guidance, laughing, crying, feeling contentment … all at the feet of our Father, through our precious Savior, with the Holy Spirit providing when we lacked the words.

Marriage to Lowell – the second best decision I ever made.


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Why Guard the Heart?

There are so many daily influences that come our way. We may think ourselves so tough and hardened to what others say and do or even give ourselves credit for being able to watch trash and not be affected by it. Not true …

Honestly, every single bit of life (social media, magazines, tv, movies)  carries an influence over our heart – and then, it will affect our attitude, our response to others, our success and our own morality – this junk affects our family life. It affects the fulfillment of your dreams.

God knew this – He created us and knew we were susceptible to outside and influences and tells in so many ways to be careful.

It’s your choice. Make up your mind to listen to what can build your self-esteem. Read inspirational stories. Surround yourself with hard workers who are achieving their life goals. Get rid of any negativity that comes your way before it can take root in your heart.

We absolutely should guard our hearts from negativity and immorality the world dishes out on a daily basis. Filter your relationships and your intake of media. Actively protect yourself from what can damage you. Purposely protect your loved ones from any negativity that comes from you. Protect and defend yourself and your loved ones from those who are knocking them and you down to build themselves up.

You’re in control!!

Believe in yourself and offer up your best, most brilliant self!

guard your heart

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Comfort to the Soul

Oh my, when I saw this quote it spoke volumes to my soul and I took comfort in it.
You do realize that as long as you’re living, you truly have the opportunity to make dreams come true? Yes indeed, whether it’s a career change, or bettering your marriage, or fulfilling a passion (like art, music, humanitarian dreams) … dream your dream, set those goals and don’t despair. There are reasons sometimes for why a goal didn’t fall into place on your time schedule … perhaps, God knew you didn’t have the skills needed to handle it correctly, perhaps you weren’t desperate enough to have truly appreciated it. Or it could be that the people whose lives you were going to impact weren’t ready for you! So many thoughts here.

2nd chances

These words actually put me in mind of my granddaughter who suffers with social anxiety – it is so difficult for her to participate in some activities on the first go-round. I thank God she is in a school and has teachers who give her more than one chance on being a part of something. She may shake her head in timidity two or three times (even tear up) and then, bam! she joyously participates! She’s getting braver every single day.

2nd chance note

Ultimately the fulfillment of your own dreams comes down to you – your frame of mind, your tenacity, your courage and your willingness to work hard – even going that extra mile or two when you’re dog-tired. Remember, if you didn’t carry out your goal on that certain time-table, well, just change the date!!

You are not a failure! Me either.

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