Posted by: R M White | 01/05/2018

Food – Glorious Food

And so, the two back to back posts have to do with Food. This was not an intentional plan but somehow it seems fitting. God has so richly blessed me and again, I feel spoiled – loved so sweetly and completely and as I prepared and enjoyed eating just all this wonderful food over the holidays I saw that in many ways to me it represented a life full of blessings.

Let me explain.

I ended up serving up several rather unique dishes for our New Years day special meal – yes, we celebrate with foods that day – traditional and representative of our heritage. Me: with my family roots in the North will prepare pork and sauerkraut. My guy: with his family roots in the South has to have pinto beans, mustard greens and cornbread.

But, there’s more! We generally serve pastel de papas (mashed potatoes) with our kraut meal – there you have Argentina – we loved our years there and the food!! oh my it is SO scrumptious! We loved our gathering times with the friends and church family – asados, pastas unique to that country – just one culinary delight after another. To this day we have favorite Argentine meals that I cook up throughout the year.

Then, from our oldest son to his Dad on Christmas day was various gifts from an international store –  African yam! and with that I cooked up what goes with it – a delicious red stew that must be made with palm oil! nothing we have stateside compares to a meal of yam and stew. We loved our years serving the Nigerian people and loved our times of fellowship with our family and friends there – there is no equivalent to the African cuisine we grew to love and to this day we seek out the specialty stores to keep our kitchen stocked.

But, there’s more – with the above meal we also serve sides that are also commonly eaten in Honduras – rice and fried plantain! just two of the many foods that make up truly delicious meals that we ate over and over with Honduran loved ones. We were a part of so many lives there and our home was filled with the delight of others gathering around our table (or theirs) – week after week of sweet fellowship, wonderful food and the making of memories to last a lifetime. Laughter that bounced off the walls and still rings in my heart causing me to smile.

Besides this, earlier in the holiday season a sweet gathering on Christmas eve with my sister and her family – let me just say, we’re very competent in managing to put together meals that leave you satiated in contentment! This time we did a round of pastas – always a variety to serve up to our unique palates. There was a traditional spaghetti, also, shrimp scampi. Yums! Mine was a spaghetti carbonara meal that I learned to prepare by the side a favorite missionary while in their home after we all came stateside. Pure delish!!

Christmas day was just three of us but it was a beautiful cornish hen meal. Of course there were holiday desserts. And then, there’s our wedding anniversary meal on the 28th (just the two of us) at a favorite Thai restaurant where we thoroughly delighted in a wonderful appetizer along with scrumptious main dishes. We returned there with friends on that next Sunday (a holiday treat from them to us) and I got coconut curry! and that brings to mind years of our appreciating Indian dishes – and our missionary friends (like family) who stay days, even weeks in our home and share all kinds of goodies with us.

And so, like I said, Food Glorious Food! It just brings all sorts of memories to the forefront of my mind – I not only taste the goodness, I hear the conversations, the laughter, the shared joy in relishing the blessings of the Father.

I believe that was His intention – to provide so many wonderful foods to delight our tummies but also, it’s in the Gathering that we find the sweetness of it all.

And the very very best gathering? It is when we come together week by week and partake in the remembrance meal ordained by Christ himself – the wine and the bread. God knows us and realized that we needed to be reminded to come together – fellowship in a communion that purposely jogs our memories – that precious weekly reminder of the ultimate gift of our sweet redemption. Not only does it remind us, we receive strength and purpose to keep on living the life He would have us live.

Now that is truly, some kind of Glorious!

Is not the cup of thanksgiving for which we give thanks a participation in the blood of Christ? And is not the bread that we break a participation in the body of Christ? Because there is one loaf, we, who are many, are one body, for we all share the one loaf.                  1 Corinthians 10:16-17



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