Posted by: Robin Lynn | 10/25/2016

Facets of My Heart

How well do you know yourself? Your strengths, weaknesses, gifts, faults, what brings you joy, what breaks your heart? Well, here I am entering the seventh decade of my life and I’ve decided parts of me are changing all the time.

I’m not a gemstone lover but I appreciate a well-cut stone – be it a diamond, emerald, peridot, ruby – whichever. We’ve been to the Smithsonian Institute several times and I love the gallery of stones! Both the size and cut of the stone determine its worth. A well-carved stone is a majestic work of art. The manner in which it reflects light and the detail of the facets are what make each stone unique and beautiful like none other. If you were to study stones – so many of them! you will find that each maintains its own legends of healing and power. Their use throughout history to illustrate honor and rank is amazing.

A beautiful sparkling diamond on a light reflective surface. 3d image. Isolated white background.

peridot-heroemerald-gemstone-jewelryrubyEach stone – different from one another not only in type but also, colors, and facets … such a lovely analogy of us, don’t you think? Each one valuable in its own right. I may not be in love with or crave gemstones here on earth but the writer John uses them in his description of heaven. So, they are indeed valued beyond measure – and have been for centuries!

So let’s bring this down to you and me …

There’s the varying facets of my talents – so unique to me because of the cool life I’ve led and the influences of my intimate circle of family and closest of friends. I see things differently and therefore respond uniquely in my work, how I handle circumstances and performance of my work, homemaking, cooking, my art, writing and teachings. I reflect the light of His presence differently than you.

And wow, the emotional part of me – my reaction and interaction with God’s Word … my gifts of sharing it or lack thereof … all ME! My relationship with my husband, children, grandchildren – even my friends has been specifically influenced by the places I have lived, the varied cultures I have soaked into my heart and the acceptance or rejection of me as a person. These facets of my life that are all my own.

That’s kind of how I feel about our hearts.

My heart is a treasured gem in the hands of a living Father, influenced and shaped into beauty by my loving Savior, and if I am willing, my soul, my very essence, is transformed daily by the pressure of the Holy Spirit.

Does this chiseling, changing, always feel great? Nope, and sometimes it is even agonizing. Do I harden myself at times, even hide from the movement of these loving influences? You betcha … but, then I return, knowing that in the end I will reflect His glory and shine in my own magnificence being His creation. A masterpiece of the truest and unique kind.




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