Posted by: Robin Lynn | 06/21/2016

Choosing to Review

Every now and again, not often enough perhaps, I pull out books that I’ve read in the past and just go through them as a review. I am notorious for underlining and at times even writing a comment in the side margins of books and it’s great because, those places draw me back. I mark books, especially my Bibles, with little codes to help me remember the emphasis – a little lamp, means it will light my daily walk; a heart means marriage or relationships; a cross means my heart as a Christ-follower – so forth and so on.

Currently I am going through a couple of Bible studies on my Kindle – hubby introduced me to what he was doing and I downloaded the app – YouVersion of the Holy Bible. He and I did one study together and then we each have done a few suggested by the other. And the one I am doing right now is rather simplistic in design – read the devotional writing and the scripture text that goes with it. I try to spend time and meditate on it a little longer of course. And I do pray before beginning – that I will gain what I need to for the day – strength, encouragement, knowledge …. and I do receive that. Nothing tops beginning a day like time in the Word!

Well, the books I am delving back into are basically three great ones – still Immeasurably More by Casandra Martin, The Magic of Thinking Big, by David Swartz, (not really a devotional book but then again, yes it is) and also, Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick. I love reviewing and then receiving those second “aha” moments … because, more often than not, it is JUST what I needed for the day.

So, in one of my last posts I shared an aha moment from Immeasurably. Well, today this is my aha from Sun …. it’s these few words which is the actual simple synopsis of the book – “1 – Seize God’s vision. 2 – Activate your faith. 3 – Make your move.” Yep, that about sums up the entire book. Of course, Mr. Furtick fills it with stories from his short life in the ministry (he’s only 30 years old at the writing of the book) and yep, there’s some powerful ones shared. But, seriously, I love how he took these simple yet, profound steps and offers someone the invitation to activate their lives into AWESOMENESS!! if we could have folks – young, old, burnt-out, discouraged, regular folks – transform the ordinary life into the extraordinary through their faith in the power of – not themselves – but the power of God! Oh my, we could just change the world!

So, the first thing is to have a vision that you can present to the Lord. For me I guess I’ve lived through 100s if not 1000s of answered vision-based prayers. And yet, the struggle is still present – the lack of faith – maybe not in God, but in myself. What I need to do daily is to trust that the vision/gift/work that is taking up residence in my heart is given to me by the Father and then GO at it with all my might – never doubting! And then, when success comes, which it surely will, all glory will be, must be given to God.

just enough light

Seriously, I am not created to just survive – I am here to thrive – in my work, with my family, in my marriage, in friendship and in serving others. Sometimes though, my way gets dark … discouragement, negativity from those around me, circumstances going wrong, flubbing up one more time – it just gets dark! the right steps are hard to find. I know, all I need is just enough light for the step I’m on and then, voila! God-illumination …  and life with a purpose is doable again. Faith in Him and His desire that I do my best with the gifts He has so joyously given me.

Yep, just in a little review time, and I have found that UMPH again … I am re-energized to live with a purpose and guess what? It’s a purpose I can build my faith on. Walk this Way.






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