Posted by: Robin Lynn | 05/04/2016

He Was Just a Little Boy; Timeless moment, part 12

One of the most memorable Bible stories and children’s song is about a little boy, named David, who made a decision to trust in God. His triumph over the giant comes as an even bigger surprise and victory when you know the details of the story. The fact is, there had been days of taunting, of cowardly behavior, of doubt, and defeat. This was no ordinary group of men being taunted, this was an army. Trained, skilled, strong – but, cowering in fear. And then this young shepherd comes on scene … not for the purpose of battle but, to fulfill an errand – to care for and supply his big brothers with supplies. The reality here: those brothers had a much greater need than food – they needed a dose of courage and a lesson in faith. No, not faith in their own ability but rather a faith in the author of all great stories. They forgot to whom they belonged. Rather than trusting in God almighty, they chose to trust in themselves – whoops! that right there could very well lead to failure.

david and goliath

“That timeless moment in the valley of Elah, when a simple shepherd boy defeated the enemy of Israel with a sling and a stone, and a heart filled with faith, ultimately led to the crowning of David and the greatest period of victory and prosperity Israel would ever know. David’s trust in God marked him “as a man after God’s own heart” – and from his lineage, many centuries later, God would bring forth Jesus, the King of kings.” Mr. Alton Howard from the book Timeless Moments.

Wow! what a lesson!! I think about myself, and how many times have I trusted in me, my own ability – leaving me upset with the outcome. Oh, sure, there’s probably plenty of times I may have succeeded ‘on my own’ – but, perhaps even then, although I didn’t give credit to God, because I am His, all good things are of Him. The biggest lesson here is to trust and act boldly in life. whatever your task may be. Don’t let Satan bully you in to becoming a defeatist – a cowardly pawn in his hand. Yep, our enemy would love nothing more than to see us denied the victories in life that are there for the winning.

No matter how big the obstacle, how scary the moment, or how daunting the job, never, ever forget, who is on your side and to whom you belong. Always take courage in knowing the battle is won.

“Today the Lord will conquer …. the Lord does not need weapons to rescue his people. It is his battle, not ours.” … David, Psalm 17: 46, 47

This boy grew up and after many harrowing scares and battles became King of Israel … and sure, David made mistakes through his life, but ultimately, he was a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22) and we know his story did not end at his death but through him … you see, centuries later, in perhaps, those same fields around Bethlehem where he watched his Daddy’s sheep and played his harp, another song was heard! The song of the angels announcing the birth on a cold, dark night “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2: 10, 11

Such amazing timeless moments!!

The act of a brave little boy and the gift of a Savior – our very own Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

Here’s the truth. He has won! His reign will be forever and ever. We have no reason to fear!


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