Posted by: Robin Lynn | 04/08/2016

Teaching Around the World

I linked to a Bible Study format various times through my years on this blog. There are several great ways to study God’s Word with folks from any number of countries. I have mainly studied with ladies in Nigeria and here in the States but now, with others from our congregation, I get to have ongoing studies with 14 young ladies from a secondary school in Ghana. I am so excited. I hope that through the months of study we will become friends as well – and then prayerfully, sisters in Christ.

students from Ghana

We are working with World Bible School to bring these studies to these students.

I have often referred to life as a journey – on here and my other blog as well. For any journey one should be well prepared and equipped to tackle what may come their way. The best way to approach life is to have directions otherwise one may truly spend their days traveling without meaning, going in circles from one dilemma to another. I love that God, the Creator Designer of us all, left us thoroughly equipped with directions on how to tackle every single thing life could throw out to us.

Here’s how it’s put on the WBS Preview page –

Why Consider the Bible?

Consider the Bible as the Map for life. Its wisdom spans many centuries, yet millions today find its message as fresh and relevant as ever. They find that its principles work in daily life – in every stage of life. They discover purpose for living. That purpose gives them hope for now and for the future – even beyond this life. They believe in a home with God forever. In other words, they believe the Bible when it claims to speak for God.

In seeking a map for life, consider the Bible’s claims. Again and again, it assures us that it is the pure word from our Maker. Yes, the Map for life.


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