Posted by: Robin Lynn | 02/01/2016

Readings and Studies

Well, I really, really loved reading through the Bible last year! I used The Daily Bible – in 365 daily readings. This is definitley not the first time I’ve done this … if you’ve never read through the Bible before, this is an excellent first way to do it. F. LaGard Smith has some great commentary along the way and the whole scheme and purpose of the Story comes to life!

I am now part of a group who is reading through the New Testament in a year. This is wonderful too because we can take time to treasure the Word more fully. We’re only in Matthew 21 so far so, if you’d like to join us, there is a Facebook conversation group plus a download of the writings I can get to you.

I am reading through Proverbs – month by month, chapter by chapter – I’ve done this for years in the prayer and hope that God will increase my wisdom and discernment daily.

bible study and read

My joyful, full of richness time is the partaking in a study called Immeasurably More by Casandra Martin. Hubby got me the book last year as a gift but I just started studying it for real this past month. She has the lessons divided into four days a piece and I like taking my time as I do this one. Sad to say, Casandra passed from this life to the next back in December. This world is not quite as bright without her light shining. Happy to say, she left a written legacy of fabulous, rich study books  … Women Opening the Word – or WOW. That Facebook page is as active as ever. She was a beautiful Christian woman – surely a Proverbs 31 woman through and through.

bible two heartsI love the mental and spiritual work0ut I get when doing the Immeasurably More study …. there is so much to ponder on as well challenging my own  place on my faith walk. Good stuff definitely!!

bible study foundationWell, I hope you’re reading God’s word yourself. It is chock full of all we need for daily living in the best ways. All the answers are right there to live fully, deeply, joyfully … how could you not want to discover that for your very own self?

         God is so generous with his love and desire for each of to come to know his immeasurable                    grace and mercy. When you allow yourself to know and truly experience the love of God, it fuels your abundant life!


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