Posted by: R M White | 01/15/2016

Somethings … are Inevitable!

My week has been so full and rich this week – every single day there has been something different added to the mix. I really really need to concentrate on my work from home (that was my FULL intention for this week!!!) but then I know, all these ‘somethings’ have been good and so, I end up just relaxing in God’s way and will for my life.

One day saw Hubby and me in the home of a 97 year old beauty … I could seriously sit at her feet for hours – and have! Oh, I treasure her stories!! She is bright and witty and wise and I love her – the time in her presence always leaves me richer!!grandma kitAnother day saw me spending most of the day with a dear friend as she works through medical difficulties … we ended our afternoon with laughter and a very late lunch (early supper) at Little Richard’s.little richard girls out I grabbed a little down time with this little lady to enjoy some sunshine and play for a few minutes on Wednesday – which is a very good thing because it’s back to grey and drab today! sadie girlYesterday was delightful … got to be with this dear friend of mine. Yes yes yes …. Spent the afternoon with this lovely lady … you see, many, many moons ago we were college roomies – when we married our best fellas, we went our separate ways – sometimes countries separated us but we both homeschooled our kiddos and those little ones are all young adults …. now we live an hour apart … and you know what? Each time we get together – months or years between – we pick up just like it had been only yesterday that we were laughing and sharing our hearts. It was a very good day.  me and denise

Okay, so it was a very, very good week and it leaves my heart happy and joyful that I have the privilege and honor to love and be loved like I am.

Life is about service, right? and giving of your best and then, trusting that all things are working out to His divine purpose and plan.

When you are faithful in the ‘somethings’ of life other things are inevitable!!

Life is good, but God is great!!


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