Posted by: R M White | 12/15/2015

Timeless moment/10 A Summit Meeting

Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair. I mean seriously, why do ‘they’ prosper and ‘those’ suffer? Or how come they stay healthy and then my family gets so sick? Or why did they win and we lose? Why are they succeeding and I am not? It’s just not fair!!

We all have those stories … the make or break stories of life where something really terrible or incredible or tragic or stupendous happened to us or a close friend or family member. We know for certain, that had the reaction been different, or the timing been just a little off – well, the outcome would have been entirely different. So often it is just us giving up on life and it truly boils down that. That’s why failure happened in a business, or we failed a test, or perhaps we got ourselves head over heel in debt. Most likely, we are to blame for our failure; oftentimes it us not giving it our all. There are times when all we needed to do is hang in there a little longer. We should have stayed the course, been tenacious. Of course, then there are the circumstances out of our control … what ever the case, at times, we absolutely feel life is just not fair.

Talk about fair. There have been times that I got kind of upset over the fact that Moses didn’t get to enter the Promised Land. He worked so hard to get the children of Israel through all those trials and tribulations of the exit from Egypt and then the wanderings … I mean he put up with SO much!! It didn’t seem fair. I love that as remarkable a man as he was, we also can see that he was just as human as you and me. Frustrations, anger, impatience, fear – he had all that. Patience, love, courage, answers to prayers and a closeness to God – he had all that too. So, taking all this into account, I have come to the happy conclusion that as usual, God knew best … yes, he punished Moses and didn’t allow him to cross the Jordan but he allowed him -“the servant of the Lord” – to fall asleep in his everlasting arms …. and to be home at last!

Talk about a sweet, rewarding rest after a life well-spent!! moses and 10 a

“Moses’ summit with God on the peak of Mount Sinai stands alone as the greatest summit meeting of all time. In that timeless moment, God wrote his laws – the Ten Commandments – on tablets of stone, setting the standard for morality and duty that will continue to guide men and women through the ages.” By Alton Howard, Timeless Moments

For you are a chosen people. You are a kingdom of priests, God’s holy nation, his very own possession. This is so you can show others the goodness of God. 1Peter 2:9

When I was a kid we watched these awesome bigger than life Bible movies like once a year. One was The Ten Commandments. We may have seen it in the theater the first time, then it was in our home. We’d all sit in the living room together and see some of the stories of the Bible come to life. Now, as an adult looking over any of these movies based on the Bible I realize they cannot begin to capture the majesty, splendor and awesomeness of any real God event. But, I do fully believe that the giving of those Ten Commandments was a world changing event.

Remember this one? movie

Today, under Christ we’re not bound to the old law but even better than that we are under such a wonderful law of mercy and grace. It still demands much … not just of our actions but of total heart surrender. Choosing a life in Christ demands consistency on our part. Faithfulness to his Word and a life of obedience. This gracious law takes us even deeper into the knowledge and will of God. We are his holy nation! We live and love for the sake of Christ so that we can draw even more people unto him.

We are blessed. We are loved.


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