Posted by: Robin Lynn | 12/01/2015

Why Guard the Heart?

There are so many daily influences that come our way. We may think ourselves so tough and hardened to what others say and do or even give ourselves credit for being able to watch trash and not be affected by it. Not true …

Honestly, every single bit of life (social media, magazines, tv, movies)  carries an influence over our heart – and then, it will affect our attitude, our response to others, our success and our own morality – this junk affects our family life. It affects the fulfillment of your dreams.

God knew this – He created us and knew we were susceptible to outside and influences and tells in so many ways to be careful.

It’s your choice. Make up your mind to listen to what can build your self-esteem. Read inspirational stories. Surround yourself with hard workers who are achieving their life goals. Get rid of any negativity that comes your way before it can take root in your heart.

We absolutely should guard our hearts from negativity and immorality the world dishes out on a daily basis. Filter your relationships and your intake of media. Actively protect yourself from what can damage you. Purposely protect your loved ones from any negativity that comes from you. Protect and defend yourself and your loved ones from those who are knocking them and you down to build themselves up.

You’re in control!!

Believe in yourself and offer up your best, most brilliant self!

guard your heart


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