Posted by: Robin Lynn | 11/16/2015

Comfort to the Soul

Oh my, when I saw this quote it spoke volumes to my soul and I took comfort in it.
You do realize that as long as you’re living, you truly have the opportunity to make dreams come true? Yes indeed, whether it’s a career change, or bettering your marriage, or fulfilling a passion (like art, music, humanitarian dreams) … dream your dream, set those goals and don’t despair. There are reasons sometimes for why a goal didn’t fall into place on your time schedule … perhaps, God knew you didn’t have the skills needed to handle it correctly, perhaps you weren’t desperate enough to have truly appreciated it. Or it could be that the people whose lives you were going to impact weren’t ready for you! So many thoughts here.

2nd chances

These words actually put me in mind of my granddaughter who suffers with social anxiety – it is so difficult for her to participate in some activities on the first go-round. I thank God she is in a school and has teachers who give her more than one chance on being a part of something. She may shake her head in timidity two or three times (even tear up) and then, bam! she joyously participates! She’s getting braver every single day.

2nd chance note

Ultimately the fulfillment of your own dreams comes down to you – your frame of mind, your tenacity, your courage and your willingness to work hard – even going that extra mile or two when you’re dog-tired. Remember, if you didn’t carry out your goal on that certain time-table, well, just change the date!!

You are not a failure! Me either.


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