Posted by: Robin Lynn | 11/09/2015

Timeless Moments/9 Birth of a Nation

Well, I don’t know about you, but the whole drama of Moses and his time in Egypt with his former step-Dad is rather emotional and overflowing with the all the stuff the most heated fights are filled with. It’s rather draining just to read it. I mean, yes, it’s been 40 long years but don’t you know Pharaoh and Moses knew each other well enough that they were not beating around the bush about any of this. Moses wanted God’s people released from bondage and Pharaoh wasn’t finished with them – by any means! Talk about a clash of the gods … it was indeed going to be “winner takes all”. Nine plagues batter the Egyptians and although beaten down, Pharaoh still refuses to give up until finally that terrible knock-out blow takes the wind out of his sails (the death of all the first-born males, including his own) and he relents – “Go on!! Get out of here!!” and so, after taking what plunder they could carry, the Israelites are finally beginning their major exit from Egypt … but the drama continues when the bad guys break their word and take after in hot pursuit!!

Don’t you know, that if we are on the Lord’s side, he is on our side as well? He will surprise us over and over again with the ways to figure our way out of bondage.

His message is clear – he desires all men and women to leave the captivity of this sinful world                 and seek him – only then, do we find true and everlasting freedom.

moses_red_sea“Moses entered the court of the Egyptian pharaoh armed only with the word from the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob; let my people go! This demand set in motion the history changing battle between the great I am and the impotent gods of Egypt. And in that awesome timeless moment when the Red Sea parted for the Hebrew slaves then came crashing down on their Egyptian pursuers, the superior power and glory of God was evident to all.” By Alton Howard, Timeless Moments

We all have been there – trying our best to escape situations of temptation, of debt, of a dead-end job, an unhealthy relationship  – the list could go on. But take courage in the will of the Father. Pray for redemption, for a means and then expect to find that way … it doesn’t mean God will just hand over the win … no, he expects us to do our part. Leaving slavery isn’t easy – it takes work to build a character that can say “no” to the allures of the world, it takes budgeting and working hard to get out of debt, it takes filling out a ton of resumes, or developing your own business to be able to leave a job you hate, it takes reading, getting counseling or maybe humility to develop a healthy relationship. But rest assured, God has addressed every single predicament we have allowed ourselves to get in to. Oh, I’m not saying things happen that are unexpected or not of our making but, we find ourselves there and have the need to escape.

Be strong and courageous. Seek the Lord, follow his commands and                                                                he will be on your side every step of the way – it’s a promise!!


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