Posted by: Robin Lynn | 11/04/2015

Timeless Moments/7 The Dreamer

Life got crazy or, I got unmotivated or side-tracked on to another path for a bit, but now I am called back to this sharing of these Timeless Moments. This is part seven as you see, so if you are just seeing these posts for the first time, you may want to head over to post one and catch up.

Sometimes life just doesn’t go like we think it should – I mean not just a little different than we imagined – but like the winds of happenstance blew us way off course. Or, perhaps we made a decision that moved us far from our desired destination and we have no clue how to get back there from where we are. Where’s a map anyways?? For me sometimes it’s that I take on one more project or start reading another book before I finished the one I’m in. I get so excited and distracted … it can be good, and it can be bad for me – especially since I am basically self-employed. But, all is not lost … I know I can redeem myself. I know, that if I resign myself to His will He will affect a good outcome – better than I can ever imagine!!

I am so very thankful we can read stories in the Word that show us how God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways when life seems to have gone out of their control. We read time after time where God just sort of says, let go! and let me take care of this. Now, that’s not to saw we don’t stay true to a Christ-like character or give up on working hard as all get out … after all, we’re told time and again that we should be working diligently … we work like we’re working for God and not for men.

So, here it is …

Jacob and his brothers probably never imagined they would be a part of this drama – the brothers never would have thought they could do something so drastic or hateful to one of their own. And after dreaming those amazing dreams Jacob never believed reality would lead him to being a slave in a foreign land. But there you have it – and before long we realize God is really smack dab in the middle of this wondrous tale. The rest of that story has everlasting consequences to enable His ultimate story to transpire. I just love that Joseph grew and developed into a man of God. I’m glad we see those brothers repentant … that they felt horrible about what they had done. I am glad too, that throughout the Bible there are so many ‘rest of the story’ situations.

So, sometimes family or friends let us down, something really terrible happens that throws us off-track or we’re sick for the umpteenth time … Never fear! Don’t give up, be patient – the story isn’t over yet!

“The sons of Jacob wanted to forget the day they sold their brother Joseph into Egyptian slavery. Yet in the history of God’s people, that was a timeless moment. With God’s blessing, Joseph rose to high office in Egypt became the catalyst for saving his family from famine and keeping the Abrahamic seed line alive. This event set the stage for their  the stage for their sojourn in Egypt and, in time, the return to Canaan in preparation for the coming of Jesus.”  By Alton Howard, Timeless Moments.

jacob being sold

Note to self:

“Let go, Robin Lynn, and let God do His work!”


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