Posted by: R M White | 11/04/2015

Foggy, Rainy Day

These past days it’s been the ‘same ol’ same ol”. Rain. Sputtering mist. Grey skies. Foggy horizons. No matter how dismal the day may seem however, there are the splashes of color that cause me to remember – God is in his heavens and all is right with the world. For example, yesterday it was an unexpected cardinal visiting the branch of the evergreen tree outside my office window – and there he is!! as I type this, he arrived and is right there on the bamboo trellis and now, sitting by the very bright yellow marigolds I was going to mention next!! He keeps cocking his little head and glancing at the window. “do yo see me? I see you”

So, here are a few bright spots from this day so far – little gentle reminders from the handiwork of the Author and Finisher of my story. Here you see two random new yellow marigolds that bloomed over the past few days … I actually walked out into the mist and took a close-up and thanked God for a splash of sunshine. splashyellow splashWhile I was out there by my out-of-season morning glory patch, I saw a little bundle of new life with a slew of buds!! Such a sweet surprise!! (oh my, just this moment there is a party going on at the patch!! couples of bluebirds, wrens, finches and cardinals!! so, taking a little break and i can’t help but to laugh.) And, here is that hint of delight to come! … at least six little buds.

cluster of mgLast but not least is this beauty … a volunteer morning glory on the porch. Now, that is a very fine ‘how do you do!’surprise mgWell, that proves my point – several times over – that at an unexpected moment, a ray of hope will show up and I’m encouraged. I can do this new and difficult thing. I can have the power and stamina to be strong and courageous. I will have faith to believe that every thing in my life has led me to this place – of living out the dreams that have so long been in my heart.

Here is a another section of the affirmations I wrote to myself …

“All life’s lessons, good and bad, have served me to grow in wisdom and understanding so that I can tackle today with inner strength and a positive spirit. I look at the circumstances of where I am now and praise God. … I love this journey called life and I love my story.

My life has prepared to set incredible goals. …  Some days I take only baby steps but I know, even baby steps bring me one step closer to my goals becoming reality. I am truly a goal setter and most importantly, a goal achiever. … I am a person of action. I am making progress every single day.”

Please, believe in yourself. Accept that you can complete your journey by treasuring who you are.

You are a masterpiece, still in the making, but complete enough to carry on in strength.

You’re making progress every single day … your goal will indeed become a reality if you don’t give up!!



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