Posted by: Robin Lynn | 11/13/2014

A Challenge to Faith

Story after story in the Old Testament is just truly incredible.  The examples we have to fortify our own faith are solid and true. I am so very thankful God saw fit to share with us wonderful foundational lessons of faith. All through the generations to come (of the Hebrew people) children would grow up hearing of the solid faith of Abraham. And surely, nothing was more challenging than the day his Lord God came to him and asked the unthinkable. I mean, life was the happiest it has ever been for Abraham and his sweet Sarah and their darling baby boy – surely the apple of their eyes. Life was full! Prosperous! Happiness which has long alluded them was theirs and they were loving every minute and then… Genesis 22:1-2 “Abraham, take your son, yes, your only son, Isaac, whom you love so much and … sacrifice him as a burnt offering.”

What???!!!  That’s crazy! But we all have crazy moments. I know we all have those times – when we’re cruising through life and then bam! there’s a situation and we have to choose the right thing.  It’s hard! But, we have to decide to trust Him no matter what.

Of course, Abraham did what God asked of him, heartbroken, but he kept listening and just as his trembling hand reaches for that knife he hears that sweet, loving voice of the Father telling him to stop.

“Abraham’s moment of truth stands for eternity as a timeless moment of faith in action. Not only did Abraham become the father of many nations, but he also became the “Father of Faith” to all who believe. “If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed.” Galatians 3:29″  Alton Howard

Jehovah-jireh … The Lord Will Provide

Abraham and Isaac


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