Posted by: Robin Lynn | 08/01/2014

Into Romans, Into the Heart

We finished up Acts this week – man, I love that book. Luke just has a way with words and manages to bring stories to life. Emotions run high as you read of the struggles, the love shared, the turmoil, the joy, the faith shown, the challenges – of how the Way touched and compelled so many lives and towns to live differently. Paul’s courage, strength and stamina are such an inspiration. Luke is also an inspiration because through it all, he stays right along side of his friend and brother in the faith. I thank God he recorded these adventures for my learning and encouragement.

The early church – it’s amazing how they changed everything – without one cell phone, no internet, no televised anything. Word of mouth and Christ lived out among the masses is what it took and how it happened.

Today … in the here and now, I see us, as a church doing some marvelous things. I see people using the cell phones – with Twitter, Instagram, and utilizing blogs like this, and Facebook and e-books and wow, WBS is all over the world. We’re the Rest of the Story and with the examples gone before us we see we have amazing opportunities and obligations. Presently we’re super concerned with the Kent Brantly situation –  but just as the early church we are also in prayer and know that God is listening and the world watches.

Now our reading takes us into Romans. I love this book. Lowell has taught this in several churches and in Nigeria as a Bible course. I sit mesmerized in these classes and drink in the loveliness, and profound wonder of these words. The whole entire story of the Word is summed up in this amazing book. Every time I read it I see something new – or it hits me a different way. From the ugliness and degradation of the blackest sins known to man to the wonder and glory of being bought and saved … it is moving, powerful and totally wonderful.

Paul knows how to articulate the gospel message and just lay it all out in heavy but sweet ways. I am so thankful for Paul – that he was who he was. He’s such an amazing example of immense change that is possible with a person when they see and want to know Christ. From murderer to rescuer – Paul tells it like it is …. the greatest Love Story known to man.

Romans is truly the Heart of the Word – we must take this Word to the world.



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