Posted by: Robin Lynn | 06/14/2014


I love the book of Acts – it’s where we are in our daily readings. Having just finished the four gospels over five and a half months has been really neat. Reading only a chapter or a selection of verses in a day gives one an opportunity to really think about and process what they’re reading so, for me, that’s been good. I believe going through the gospels consecutively has been valuable as well. Each is just enough varied to allow a deeper grasp of the times and teachings. The repeated readings of the Lord’s exact teachings also creates a longing for more understanding. It’s been heavy for me to go through the crucifixion scenes these four times. Each time gets a little more emotional, the people involved become a little more real.  These books give one the solid foundation of what Jesus was all about – his wonderful lessons he taught and lived out and subsequent sacrifice … all this leading to what Luke is going to share with us in Acts.

Luke is such an amazing author. I love reading the book of Luke and Acts as if they are one ongoing writing. Luke flows so eloquently from the Story of the Messiah to the rest of the Story … the establishment of the church – His Body. Luke’s attention to detail is wonderful but always leaves one wishing they knew more … I want to know ‘what happened then?’ … and then and after that? He does tell us just enough to know that we can do this, should do this – live out the teachings, establish churches, live this Way. I love how Luke knows Paul so well and just stays with him through trial and adversity. He’s there for good, rich, wonderful times too – the new Christians from town to town had to be something precious to behold and rejoice over! Of course, they grieved and despaired them over them as well. You can’t but help admire the friendship and love they had for each other. Luke, having been a doctor, was probably even more concerned over Paul than he would have been otherwise. He most likely put his medical knowledge to work many times as he cared for his friend after beatings and illnesses. Isn’t it such an Awesome God-thing to look out for this amazing worker of his, Paul, by giving him Luke in his ‘entourage’?

Yes, I’m looking forward to the next weeks in the book of Acts

  •  a book of adventure, excitement and drama
  • the most definitive, pivotal book of the Bible
  • the fulfillment of the prophesies!

We are the Body of Christ.

Acts – worth the read – again and again.


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