Posted by: Robin Lynn | 05/30/2014

Whoops, I Dropped the Ball

An article was shared by a friend on facebook the other day. It reminded me how many times I’ve begun a Bible challenge or project with full good intentions to better myself and deepen my relationship with Christ and then, I just up and drop the ball. No big reason to quit …  just negligence, or apathy, or an unwilling heart. All of which are rather embarrassing and shameful.  Granted, I didn’t accept this challenge for anyone but myself.  Yes, it was put forth to our whole church family but it was intended to be pursued through individual efforts.

Several items in this article – Ten Reasons To Memorize…  moved my heart.

1 – the whole thing about I have a bad memory – yeah, I’ve used this excuse and this guy says it is exactly why he’s memorized 5 books of the Bible! Makes sense to me  😉

2 – the accessibility of the Bible – I take this for granted even though I pray daily for those who are being persecuted for being Christians.

3 – I truly do want to reflect deeply on the Word – I want it to be a part of me.

4 – without a doubt I will suffer and those I love will suffer and to have this Word available for comfort for myself and others is a rare and wonderful gift.

I already had some scriptures selected to memorize and have several weeks of new memory work completed – I need to find my cards! But, also, I have a scripture prayer I put together for my kids way back when that I want in my heart. And too, I have Power Verses by the Dozen that I accumulated over the years and want to have ready in times of discouragement. I want to know enough ‘by heart’ to enable me to give a ready answer for any whomever may ask “why”. I want to be able to stand boldly and proclaim I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.  What if there comes a day when my Bible is stripped from my hands? or is banned totally on the internet?

  • I don’t want to be negligent in my spiritual walk.
  • I’ not apathetic about God’s word or his commands that we keep it in our hearts.
  • I don’t want to have an unwilling heart towards godly desires when I can be so passionate about worldly passions.
  • I may have stumbled and dropped the ball, but I’m chasing it down, will pick it up and will participate in the game.

Ball’s in my court and I choose to pass it to you … what will you do with this article and God’s word?


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