Posted by: Robin Lynn | 04/01/2014

Thankful for the Sunshine!

I am so grateful for the coming of spring!

Here is part of one of my favorite passages from a book I love –

“The One who stretched out the spangled heavens and flung the stars into silent fields of space has surrounded us with the broad brush strokes of his awesome power and splendor….

In spring … gentle rains and soft winds brush the earth’s sod; the warm rays of the sun kiss it by day, while moonbeams dance over it by night. Flowers burst out of the earth’s womb, setting the hills and valleys aflame with color and filling the morning breezes with the sweet nectar of new life.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Alton Howard (Timeless Moments)

God is so good and great and we are blessed!


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