Posted by: Robin Lynn | 10/16/2013

the Gift

Appreciating the gift of the Word – God’s word as written through inspiration of the Holy Spirit by Paul – it’s something I always hope to do. Each morning lately (we’re reading ‘the epistles’) I feel like I get to listen in and learn from the holy conversations of this man, Paul, to his loved ones in the early church. He knew these folks – he’d been in their homes, shared meals with families, he loved them, shed tears over this one and that one, rejoiced with them and scolded them in utmost affection.
Okay, okay, Paul is my favorite Bible character. Granted, he’s among others, but I truly appreciate how he speaks to my own heart time after time and too, I think because we – well, I, really want to do ‘it’ right – truly live this life I have in Christ. I know his words will help me do just that.  I especially love the book of II Corinthians – I absolutely do. But, man, I love Romans – rejoicing in the contrast of the law and grace of the Father –and the most magnificent baptism parallel is pictured in Romans 6. Beautiful! Then, of course, flip-flopping to I Corinthians – there’s those choice scriptures everyone enjoys from the ‘love chapter’ – meant for the church and how we’re to treat one another. To me, Galatians is kind of like a ‘mini’ Romans, dealing with quite a few of the same topics but not so much in detail. Then on to the smaller letters – Ephesians – so rich – imagine: being alive in Christ, brought near to God by his blood and created to do good things! Philippians – packed full of love, admonitions to keep on keeping on and commands to keep our thoughts in control but in all and through all we endure – rejoice! Colossians substantiates our faith – it’s confirmed: all things are held together by Christ Jesus! – and every treasure is revealed through Him – the fullness of the Deity! Over and over Paul cuts to the very spirit of a person with his admonitions, wisdom, and superb advice given in the ‘rules’ for living a holy life. Now, I’m finishing up I Thessalonians – being reminded to live a quiet life, live so that I am worthy of respect, to be kind, and joyful always and pray continually. And this is important – I’m to test everything…holding on to every good thing and not ever, ever quench the Spirit’s fire within me.  Wow – richness in every word.

Yes, indeed, I like Paul as a person; am so very thankful for his drive and determination to get people to understand the important point on this and that. He is probably one of the most courageous men I have ever been exposed to – he dealt with so many physical and spiritual blows, brushed himself off and in the strength of Christ, kept on going! Also, I can see his absolute love and attention he had for those he reached for Christ. He didn’t teach ’em and leave ’em. He was all about tough love, each one living responsibly, and yet he was also full of tenderness and deep compassion. He learned all this from the Master Teacher and was more than capable of sharing how to do it with us, his readers.  I’m so glad he shares himself with us – his own strengths, weaknesses, and desires to live here in order to make a true difference to those he’s taught the Way; but too, his touching desire for his heavenly home. Don’t you know he was deeply weary of all life had thrown his way? There are times I’ve been weary to the soul myself.
I’ve mentioned how I kind of hate leaving a book once I get into it – I’m saying to myself, No! There’s got to be more – I want to hear additional news on him or her and them – find out some details, and just appreciate the rest of the story! I mean, what was it like when he finally arrived to visit a dearly loved congregation again – had they listened to him and responded? – apologized and made up? cleaned up their act? I think about what could have been in a ‘III Corinthians’- or, if there was a Philippians I and II… I can imagine the hugs, tears, embarrassment, joy and just the renewal of purpose his letter and any subsequent visit would have inspired.

On a particular Lord’s Day recently I was made to be very grateful for our reading in the 13th chapter of II Corinthians. It brought to my remembrance the fact that there is nothing new today that wasn’t dealt with in the early church – and there’s much to look forward to (in heaven)by all of us! Paul addressed so many issues and like I’ve said, his boldness in dealing with them speaks to me. I need to remember who I am – not in and of myself, but who I am in Christ. Am I conducting myself as his ambassador? It’s essential that I share him with others and I question my own boldness – or lack thereof.

How about you? What speaks to you in these letters of Paul?

013It was that kind of morning: hot tea, my Bible and my blog. Sometimes, you just gotta be still.  😉



  1. I relate to Peter really well…with all his strengths and weaknesses. There is so much we can learn from these men who walked with the Savior!

    • Well, thanks for coming by my blog – i’ve had so few comments here that I didn’t even know you’d stopped by. I actually am moving most of my writing to my other blog site because wordpress started using ads on my posts – like right in the middle. Oh well. I agree with what you said. 😉

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