Posted by: Robin Lynn | 09/18/2013

Past the Half-Way Mark …

We’re well past the half-way mark in the Bible readings.

Wow, how did it go by so fast? I shared a little about this reading plan in the Bible note I wrote awhile back.  I linked to that particular print-out plan which is basically set up in columns. We’ve checked off six reading columns with only three more to complete. As we move from book to book I get a little sad – sorry to say good-bye to the characters, wish I would have more time to assimilate, and always wonder, “well, what happened next!?!”  The stories are amazing!  Also, though are the little mind and heart celebrations as I complete one book and begin another. Since we’re doing the O.T. simultaneously with the N.T. we get to read and feel a variety of things in one day’s readings. I love Proverbs and always leave there feeling wiser.  😉  And now that we’re into II Corinthians I sometimes am feeling chastised and then encouraged. Paul doesn’t mince words in his admonishments but also he is lavish in his praise.

Besides being half-way through our readings, we’re also more than half-way through the year. Man, I’m not sure I’m ready to be in this count-down stage of the year. I see the year, so far, being smack dab so full of changes in  our own personal world. Most of these have been wonderful. I feel so very, very blessed – our home has been filled and busy with our children and grand-babies!  Also, because we host Bible studies and small groups here, we’ve days when lots of church folks fill the chairs and the walls ring with our fellowship. Blessed indeed!

But, or however, I still feel like there’s things that need to be accomplished before I complete this year. I feel antsy, like I’m waiting for something.  I feel the need to challenge myself to doing more – somewhere, somehow. Work for the kingdom is never done but sometimes my lack of activity for the Lord shows I must think it is.  I find myself ignoring open doors, or perhaps even having blind eyes to the harvest around me. I don’t think I’ve prayed my way through opportunities – like maybe prayed for them, started in on them but then didn’t see them through to completion. Maybe I need to define ‘complete’. I need to question and challenge my own agenda.

Our church family is blessed with so many great things – we’ve got awesome song leaders; we have amazing teachers; we have men whose prayers take us right up to the throne of the Father and share our praise and plead our petitions in beautiful ways; and our preachers – who preach the Word – do so in articulate, moving ways that leave a person feeling inspired, upbeat, encouraged but challenged.

It’s because of the daily consumption of spiritual bread and the several times a week when I’m gathered with the saints in study and worship that I am feeling this desire to do more. You know that time before a race when you see the runners shaking their arms, kind of jumping up and down in anticipation? or, the feeling you get on Christmas morning when you’re waiting with the family for the present opening to begin and you’re just all out eager to get it started? Well, that’s it. Just a suppressed eagerness to get ‘er done.

I’m curious as to what the Lord may have in mind. I believe he won’t leave me waiting but will lead me to open doors and supply what I need to fulfill what challenges are out there. I’m going to look back on this note come mid January after we’ve begun the new year. I’ll see if I lived out these feelings of anticipation and desire to make a difference to God’s glory. I may fall short sometimes but I’m not going to think about that – I’ll just strive to do my best, and put one foot in front of the other day by day.

As you reflect on where you are right now, I hope you’re living out your year as you hoped. I pray that we each, one by one, make the differences in our own space that allows Jesus to shine a little brighter. 561Mornings are best when begun in good company, with a cup of coffee, a lovely scene and best of all:

God’s Word to strengthen, guide and love us through our days.


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