Posted by: Robin Lynn | 07/27/2013

Summer-time Breakfast

Two of my favorite fruits of the summer are peaches and rhubarb.


We woke up this morning to thundershowers – seemed like a wonderful opportunity to bake some biscuits for the family. Adding fresh peaches made it the perfect breakfast. This breakfast always reminds me of my Dad – if it was peach season, more often than not, he’d have a bowl of fresh peaches ready for everyone to enjoy.


A week or so ago,  I learned that not everyone appreciates stewed rhubarb but our family loves it with cream. My sister raises rhubarb and shares it me. Yes!


When our kids were little we lived in Nigeria. Every so often the family, along with other missionaries, would head to Obudu Cattle Ranch up in the mountains near the Cameroon border.

For our breakfast we were often served rhubarb from their gardens with cream from the morning’s milking.

I love how certain foods bring back precious memories. Life goes by so quickly I hope you’re creating moments today that will become tomorrow’s precious memories.


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