Posted by: Robin Lynn | 06/28/2013

A Summer Time Blessing

Probably my biggest summer time blessing is the moments of early morning  – Lowell and I have taken our quiet time outdoors to our little table. The dog and cat usually join us and meander around. The calves in the adjoining pasture are a hoot to watch. We keep the binoculars handy and have been watching antics of birds – there’s a hawk that sits on top of a dead tree across the far pasture. We’ve had some great conversations about this and that and our prayer time – whew! We have seen some amazing answers! (and still are living the waiting game on a few other requests) We also have made some personal spiritual discipline decisions we’re acting on now. It’s so very neat to live the Christian life hand-in-hand with this husband of mine.

Our daily Bible reading is taking us into some great places in the God’s word as well – which leads to further discussions.
We just finished up the story of Esther – it can be so challenging to me. I want to believe in my own small way I can make a difference in this world. I pray for courage, for open doors, for a heart that wants to serve.
Now, we’re into the book of Job. This book is full of passages that give me pause. I am filled with so many humbling emotions as I read these words. I realize how tiny I am, how insignificant, how important, how loved I am by God the Father.
I am still reading Proverbs day by day and am very grateful God saw fit to share his wisdom with us. I pray for wisdom and the discernment to use it to glorify him. I am continually amazed at how every aspect of life – marriage, finances, health, morality, child-rearing, friendship, community, running a business, politics …  just L-I-F-E is touched on in this small but powerful book.
In the NT we just finished John’s wonderful “I AM”  letter about Jesus Christ and now, we’re into the book of Acts – some of the activities of some of the apostles – wow! every-time I read this delightful letter I come into a fresh season of personal thanksgiving that I have been redeemed and am a part of the ongoing story of the Way.
James is being read daily by me too – just over and over, wanting to get these words burned into my heart and mind so that I truly am living the Word in this world.


Have Bible and morning coffee.


A great view.

559And hubby next to me – perfect way to start our days.


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