Posted by: Robin Lynn | 05/03/2013

Good Bye April, Hello May

I readily admit April flew by in a blur.  Wow!! It’s just kind of hard to believe. I was so looking forward to the month because it pretty much signified Spring to me. I am savoring each season (first being Autumn!) since our return Stateside, but, seriously, I’d gotten tired of the cloudy, cool/cold rainy, dismal weather of the long Winter days. I  have admitted to being very much a solar-powered person – meaning my soul feeds on Sunny days. I have to make my own sunshine ‘as needed’ to keep from going into a slump or the doldrums – I do this with upbeat music, inspirational movies and good books – and interaction with cheerful people.

My soul also feeds on God’s Word. For the month of April our reading took us through Judges 6 to 2 Samuel 24 in the Old Testament and Luke 8 to Luke 22 in the New Testament. (Let me say here, Lowell and I both do the listed readings and one of my very favorite parts of the day is our discussion-time of the verses read.)  In addition I am reading a chapter in Proverbs daily. Also, because I am involved in a class series for our women, I am studying the life of Christ. So, here’s a few of this month’s reflections from my Scripture journeys …

I’ve got to tell you – based on this month’s OT reading material, God’s Word can be depressing! If I didn’t know ‘the rest of the story’ I could really feel negatively about these stories and this headstrong group of Israelites – never satisfied and wow! Talk about wars and rumors of wars – these folks could fight! But, of course, I do know the rest of the story, and therefore am learning so much about me and my relationship with the Father. I am so very thankful I have a Redeemer. I am so very, very grateful we have these chronicles from brilliant beginning, with all the sordid, scary, beautiful, moving stories throughout all the way to the glorious ending … well, we’re still in the spiritual battle but are assured of Victory and that makes each day bearable.

The NT readings – they were a few chapters in Luke, and, I have to admit, instead of following the plan, I just went ahead and read the book and too, I mentioned I am studying the life of Christ. Well, it’s all pretty amazing and each and every time I read through the gospels I am humbled and grateful for my heritage and life in the Lord. Jesus Christ didn’t leave us clueless – He gave us what we needed to know  – about Him, and the Heavenly Father and then told us to follow in His steps. It is therefore logical that we have to read, study and know the Word in order to follow it. God’s Word is amazing as it is but, wow, though, to recognize I am still here and then to accept my responsibilities in this unfolding story can be pretty daunting notion to carry around. It’s not just me – each of us, if we taken on Christ, have been given marching orders.

I’ve written in my Bible for years – I’ve got notes in the margins, I underline, I highlight.

In those OT readings I have notations along side various verses – like “wow” “whoa” “whew” “oh no!” “shame”… sometimes it’s a little unbelievable! But then I also have “peace’ “God’s faithfulness” “blessings” “walk this way” “remember: if…then” “consequences!”. I also have short sentences to myself next to some references – like “don’t grieve God” “the Lord remembers” “a Father’s love” and “the Lord listens”. I even have repeated illustrations next to ‘theme’ verses – a little candle stick for my lamp to my feet verses, a little heart with a crack in the middle and teardrops falling = breaking God’s heart – so forth and so on.

In the NT reading – the book of Luke – well, I LOVE the book of Luke and can’t hardly read through it without going straight to the book of Acts and reading it again – you know, ‘the rest of the story’. Our children’s names came from the book of Luke chapter 3. My Luke is marked with stars, hearts, “M” for mount or memorize, exclamation points and words like: amazing, GIVE, incredible, be fully trained, seeds, take root, excellent!, be bold, be ready, take heed. And that’s just half way through.

So, that was my April in scriptures. I didn’t really go into my life of Christ study – in fact, I need to stop now just to type up my notes. Oh my! God is so very good to us.

I pray for blessings to follow you through out this month of May. I pray that each of us will fulfill our duty and obligation to live as Jesus would have us to – living out our faith in the place we are planted. Bloom like never before … after all, it’s Spring!


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