Posted by: R M White | 03/24/2013

the Bible

Do you remember or even know these songs? Unless you’ve had toddlers in Bible class or taught this age the first ones might not be familiar however, the next lines are from an old familiar hymn –

The B-I-B-L-E  Yes, That’s the book for me. I stand alone on the Word of God, the B-I-B-L-E!

The Bible, the Bible, I love the Bible – it is God’s Word.  We will be careful as we turn the pages, it is God’s Word.

The Bible, the Bible – God’s written word. It tells how He made us, it tells how He loves us – it is God’s Word.

Holy Book divine!
Precious treasure mine!
Lamp to my feet and a light to my way
to guide me safely home. (L.O. Sanderson)

I love the Bible, don’t you? I love its pages, the directness, the stories, the drama, the wisdom, the permeating love throughout, the boldness, the absolutes, the promises, the fulfillment, the truths, the steadiness, the instructions, the message.

Have you read through the Bible? There are the neatest plans and guidelines available. If you’ve not ever done so, I suggest you try one … you will never regret it and for sure you’ll gain so much. The most common way to read through the Bible is the year-long plans. There’s the chronological style for which there are actually Bibles arranged for that method – I’ve used 2 and for me they’re both great. Then there’s just the plan where you just read straight through – Genesis through Revelation. Then again there is the Old Testament/New Testament which takes you into both, day by day, throughout one year. Last year, you may recall hubby and I read through the Bible following the 90 day plan. I loved it, he, however, not so much (too fast). The first time I was challenged to read through the Bible I was 13 and my Sunday school teacher was sister Smith. Those of us who participated were so excited with the journey she took us on – we did it over a year.

Along with the plan we’re following now I’ve also started something else – I’ve been watching the visual Bibles – The Bible on Video by the Genesis project (the book of Luke) and the The Visual Bible – Matthew. We used the second one (Matthew) in Spanish in Honduras with our Friday night study group – I had decided then I wanted to watch it in English again because it’d been years since the last time. These 2 projects were done in vastly dissimilar ways but both can be appreciated in its approach. I am headed into the book of Acts after concluding the ‘passion’ segments of each. I really hadn’t lined this up to coincide with this time of year but it works out that way. I’m glad. One of the things I’ve loved is in doing this by myself, I can laugh out loud, cry, groan, say ‘amen’ freely. And just talk to God as He and I are going through … thanking Him directly as I watch, listen, participate and often times, repenting – a person sure can be convicted. Our family watched The Visual Bible, Matthew with our kids when they were little. I think that should be a must for every family – especially since so much time is spent on worldly videos.

I’m pretty confident there’s other options available to help you on your spiritual journey as you read/delight in/appreciate God’s precious Word – I just thought I’d share a few of my own.

I am loving this way to be in the Word. Seriously. You should try it. You’ll like it, I’m sure.  The following is something I wrote a while back as part of my notes for a ladies class – thought it’d be good to include it here. 😉

“We must be ‘at home’ with the teachings of God’s word.

Read God’s Word and be impacted for life and eternity.

The whole Bible tells one magnificent story – a love story like none other. It’s complete with a major plot, and many sub-plots and conflicts galore! The grand setting is the world we live in – and sometimes even heaven itself. The major and minor characters are numerous and depending on the sub-story – good, righteous, evil or conniving, but all are equally interesting and captivating. The theme that resonates throughout is absolute. It is God’s Love for Man-Kind – our separation from Him because of sin – and our Reconciliation. This resolution comes as Redeeming Love seen through our Hero – Jesus Christ.  He is a character like none other ever seen or heard of. He is incomparable but not indescribable – He opens His heart and mind to us all through His teachings. He asks for us to desire Him, follow Him; be like Him. He wants not only to be our Hero, but desires to become our one and only forever Love. He’s given us everything we need to get to know Him. He asks us to spend time with Him reading His story and then to become like Him.”

My prayer for you this week is that you remember Jesus Christ, yes, but not just the Passion – know the reason for this terrible, wonderful glorious season by getting to truly know Him – our precious Redeemer.


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