Posted by: Robin Lynn | 03/02/2013

Faithfulness to a Faithful Gracious God

Being faithful can be so hard even though in my heart of hearts that is what I desire so very much. It seems I mess up over and over again. Life is just rough. There are so many temptations as to how I spend my time. So many easy ways to get around what I am called to do. So many options in filling my mind up with stuff and nonsense (sins). All around me is just life but, what I really want to do is love my Lord … to be faithful and true to good and gracious God.

We’re working on reading through the Bible with our church family. I’ve shared this before but just to let you know – we’re using the ESV O.T./N.T. plan so currently, we’re kind of moseying back and forth between the stories of the Hebrew nation traveling through the wilderness, and then Jesus and his teachings. The past few days I’ve found myself getting so upset with the stubborn, disobedient Israelites. Their blatant disrespect and outright sin against God just makes me angry! They’re privileged to witness miracle after miracle and in no time there they are, grumbling and committing sin. Not just any ‘little’ sin – big sins like: idolatry and having sex with the prostitutes of the land – even inviting them to their tents! whew!! not me, Lord, I wouldn’t be so crass or ungrateful!!  But then, I look around me and see the idols and trappings of today and the times I live in. Television and Internet all it offers to steal our time and passions. Literature of all kinds that can do the same – our hearts are inundated with all the latest gossip, gore and drama of our towns and the world. The whole sports industry that demands allegiance, money and time. Games that don’t happen in the great Roman arenas but are held in our hands. The overall culture we live in seems to have become lackadaisical with its attitude about lawlessness, laziness, and sexual impropriety  – whether hetero or homo … our hearts are so calloused, we barely can force a blush when we’re exposed to the enticement of the world all around us.

This is an article from a recent World Magazine – Confessions of a 25-year-old Virgin  I find it not only very well written but refreshing. And well, actually it gave me hope for a better, more pure tomorrow. Take time to read it to the end – even the comments are worthy of reading. The concluding thoughts are so valid … “The truth is, we’re all broken people, living in a broken world. Human emotions and relationships can get complicated and confused, but Christ’s grace for redemption never does.”

I’m glad our readings are combining the Old Testament and New Testament – it’s okay that I get upset and flustered with the Hebrew nation because it’s like a portrayal of all of us. Moses pleaded over and over again for God’s patience and forgiveness. Sure enough, confession would be made, atonement sacrifices would be offered, punishment meted out and then they’d begin again. I mess up, sin over and over, I ‘fess up’  and ask for forgiveness, Jesus pleads on my behalf, with the price of my atonement given I begin again, with a fresh slate.

The whole point of everything … Christ came to this broken world as one of us. He understands our temptations, grieves when we fall short, delights in our repentance and gives us hope for tomorrow – that we will be stronger, we will let his light shine and we will persevere until he calls us to our eternal home.

And so for today, I will strive towards faithfulness to a Faithful, Gracious God.



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