Posted by: Robin Lynn | 11/05/2012

The Truth Is (Part 2)

The Truth Is (Part 2)

I am not a very ‘political’ person. I don’t like the passion, the heat, the controversy, the ‘taking sides’, the name-calling and back-stabbing. It even puts friends against friends and brothers against brothers. Makes me sad.

However, that doesn’t mean I am not passionate about what I believe in – like: the protection of our heritage, our constitution, our religious freedom, our rights to self-educate our kids, the ability to rise up and make something of yourself if you’re willing to work hard and that I, sure as shooting, don’t want to become a Socialist nation.

One of our friends wrote a comment on facebook the other day that’s been playing around in my mind and heart. Before we even know the results of the election tomorrow I’d like to share my thoughts on a few things.  Here is what she said: “The LORD’s choice WILL win! He always does! Why be anxious? I’m not worried for the results.” Well, I’m not really clear about what was precisely meant by that but like I say, I’ve been thinking about it, and mulling it over in my own mind.

I still believe that there are issues at stake that ought not to be compromised or accepted with a grain of salt. So, here is my two cents worth on that statement.

“The Lord’s choice” doesn’t mean that He ‘condones’ or ‘upholds’ ALL the standards of the party who wins office.  I have to believe there are good points to both candidates otherwise I could never, ever comprehend anyone voting a certain way.  All through history nations have been ‘allowed’ to exist with governments that were non-Christian, crippling and worked towards no good end so that, eventually, we/they could learn valuable lessons.  I think it’s like God could be saying, ‘You think this is really what you want? Then, try it and see where it leads’ –  like parents sometimes have to do with head-strong children who think they know what’s best, even though ‘it’ may land them in dire straits.

IF we allow those who are ‘pro-abortion’ to continue to have their way and even influence and promote other nations to lean towards that, then we will see the results one day – perhaps not in the far-off future. We will be allowing the gods of materialism (can’t afford a kid right now), convenience (it’s not the right time), and elitism (damaged goods = poor quality of life) to sway our judgment calls – to what end?  If we continue to ‘look the other way’ and even put our stamp of approval on abortion, we will be judged and held responsible for those innocent lives.

IF we allow the blatant acceptance and even promotion of ‘same-sex’ marriages and truly buy into the philosophy of ‘the end  justifies the means’ we are no better than those who are putting themselves up as ‘demigods’ who believe they can get away with re-writing Holy Scripture – the Word of the only true, divine God.

The last line from our friend “I’m not worried for the results” – well, I may not be worried but I will be concerned and heart-broken for our nation. I will not sit or stand by, fold my hands and become apathetic or worse yet, give up my standards for upholding morally right verses morally wrong. I pray I will let my light shine and shine valiantly, not feebly, so that others can see Christ living in me and my family.

I love that I grew up in United States of America (the fact that I have lived in 3 other countries makes it especially sweet). I love that we have been known, in the past, as a Christian nation – we were this light on a hill and our brilliance was shining even to other lands. I know we have never been a perfect nation – mistakes have been made – but we were founded on Christian principles and used the Bible as our standard and measuring stick.

There was a time when we, as a nation, were proud to stand up for Jesus. We were honored to be known as His. We were happy to serve Him. We didn’t make excuses for His Word.

One of our elders shared this yesterday and I believe with all my heart:   “The scripture can’t mean something today that it didn’t mean when it was written.”

You see, the truth is, I’m a Christian. I believe in the Bible. I believe in the sacredness of human life. I believe we are all created equal and beautifully in the sight of God. I believe there is war against the unborn. I believe there is war being waged against godly women. I believe women, by divine design, have a magnificent role in life. I believe there is war being waged against godly men.  I believe that men, by divine design, have a unique and wonderful role in life.

I’m a Christian and there’s a whole lot more wonderful, sacred, brilliantly beautiful things I believe in and I just sincerely hope and pray I, along with my family will be able to continue to publicly practice those beliefs for years and years to come in this nation who once proudly proclaimed to be a Christian nation.

I’m just a simple, down to earth home-maker, not a ‘political person’, but I really try not to follow someone who leads me in ways contrary to God’s Word. I really try not to listen to or pay respect to someone who undermines the belief system of Christianity. I really try not to buy into someone who, rather than promote the ideology of Jesus Christ, would rather advocate and stimulate a religion foreign to ‘the Way’ which the Bible upholds … just to be ‘politically correct’.

Hmmmm, ….  ‘politically correct’ vs ‘morally right’?

Joshua 24:15
But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”

And finally, I really like this video …


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