Posted by: Robin Lynn | 07/21/2012

A Beautiful Blessing

My sister’s name is Jonell Ruth. I am who I am today in part because of her and the impact she made on my life. She died a couple of years ago but in my heart she is as alive today as she ever was in that I can close my eyes and see and hear her. Of course, that’s not as good as being able to actually feel her hugs. She was totally and completely the most amazing, strong, and sweetest person I have ever met. She was beautiful. She was loved by so many. She influenced everyone around her for the better. She had a heart of gold and we who were the closest to her are convinced she could speak with angels … those imaginary friends she was always talking to. She had Down Syndrome.
Last week we had a medical brigade in the little village of Yarushin. I was so happy to see 15 year old Maria and her mother come in on our first day. What a serendipity blessing of the superb kind! She is a cutie pie and is so sure of herself! She’ll have you laughing with her in a heartbeat. She went through with a ‘clear bill of health’, praise God! I was so happy to spend time with her and was sorry to see her go. Imagine my delight the next day when she came back to visit! We have soldiers that ‘guard’ our front gate but of course she was allowed entrance. She walked straight to me and sat down to pass the time of day. Well, she also then marched around to each of the triage nurses to say hello. Then we sat some more. She had a set of toy binoculars and loved looking at everyone – she’d look and just laugh so hard afterwards – it was a hoot! I got up at one point because well, I had to ‘work’ and she popped my bottom bigtime! ouch! She is definitely a stinker! She called to my husband – he had been extra sweet to her the day before – and she insisted he come over to sit down next to her. I loved it. Lowell and my Joni (she called him Tony) had such a sweet relationship and this put me in mind of her joking around with him. 😉
Well, since that time I have seen several posts on facebook featuring kiddos with Down Syndrome so, I wanted to post these photos of our Maria … she lives in Honduras and speaks two languages: Spanish and the language of the ‘extra chromosome’ … pure, innocent and wonderful l-o-v-e!!



  1. I love this:
    “the language of the ‘extra chromosome’ … pure, innocent and wonderful l-o-v-e!!”
    so beautifully stated.

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