Posted by: R M White | 06/19/2012

New Testament in 90 Days

Several months back I decided to read through the Bible using a system I was exposed to through a blog I occasionally read – Bible in 90 Days. Hubby, Lowell, decided to join me and it was a great journey. I actually began a schedule of getting up an hour earlier to be able to get the reading done each day (approximately 12-13 pages a day and for me, almost an hour and a half – pretty fine print). Here it is months after completion and I am still waking up at 5:30 every morning. I had wanted to read straight through the Bible like I would a long novel for years – I’ve been a part of year-long read-throughs too and they’re great but this ‘quick read’ was different and what I’d been looking for. Well, I loved it so much I was ready to go at it again but this time maybe make it 180 days just to be able to take better notes and relax a little.

When I mentioned beginning this another time Lowell asked me to join him in something different – the New Testament in 90 days. Yay! Well, we are into our 4th day and are even being joined by 5 or 6 members from the church here. I’m happy with this plan – it’s really what I need right now and although reading through the Bible is great, I was worn out emotionally by the time I had made it to the NT – there is so much strife and drama with the Hebrew people that it stirs the soul deeply. Then, whish from Malachi to Matthew – it’s 400 years later and – you arrive in the N.T. so ready for optimism … but yes, here’s Jesus with his life, challenging teachings and the blessed hope he brings to all of us.

I really like the Chronological Bible because it does what it says and puts everything in order. Whichever way you go about it – 90 days, one-year, or two years … if and when you read the Bible cover to cover you’ll discover it is truly the most fascinating, amazing, terrific love story ever, ever told filled with so many other incredible ‘sub-stories’. You cannot read this book and not be moved.

Anyway, as I am currently reading through the N.T. I’m concentrating on the themes of faith, trust and belief and man oh man, there are so many remarkable happenings even now and I’ve barely begun! I’ve got some great thoughts stirring in my head and heart so stay tuned – there may be a few notes on this to come!

God’s Word – written just for you and me – how wonderful is that?



  1. Great challenge. And humbling too, don’t you think? In classes, when we read a verse, I smugly think, “I know what this is about, I’ve read it before.” And then…I gain new, greater understanding. Humbling, humbling and makes me laugh at my smug little self. I’m glad I found your blog. I’ll be back.

    • Hey – thanks for commenting – I agree, every single time I open the Word, I learn something new. I read through Proverbs month by month for several years and each and every month a new ‘aha’ moment came my way.

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