Posted by: Robin Lynn | 04/09/2012

Death, Burial and Resurrection

Ideally, I believe we are called to live our lives, every single day, in memory and honor of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I love being who I am religiously and I am grateful for my heritage. I’m thankful I am a part of a church family that recognizes the ‘holy communion’ every single Sunday. I celebrate the resurrection with joy. This time in my weekly schedule is part of what molds and makes me who I am. I shudder to think of what I could become if I didn’t have this time of reflection and intimacy with my Lord. The Father’s plans are always best – He knows our hearts. This being said I want to share a little about the last few days here in Honduras.

We’re winding up “Semana Santa” here in Santa Rosa. Honduras is a very Catholic country and our town is no exception. The days around Christmas and Easter find so many people centered on the pomp and circumstances of Jesus and the ‘holy mother’.  I’m not all about this attention happening at just these 2 times per year but, I don’t begrudge the fact that they occur. There are parts of these 2 holidays that I love – I love that the attention is focused on our spirituality. Busyness/worldliness is put on hold or at least put into the proper perspective for a moment in time.  And it really is just a moment because, unfortunately, people use these days leading up to the ‘holy event’ to drink and party in outrageous manners – then ‘repent’ and seek forgiveness. This is absolutely NOT what the Lord intended!

And now, I want to share some thoughts I had the other morning as we walked the streets enjoying the ‘alfombras’ of Pascua. (carpets made out of colored sawdust to depict the passion of Christ) I was surprised so many street blocks of our town were involved. I was surprised how many people were involved in the artistry. I was also surprised at how many people gathered in the hot sun all throughout the day (first processional at 9 am, second at 12 noon, 3rd at 3 pm and the final one at night). The times represented the happenings on the day of crucifixion. I actually chose to set my cell alarms to coincide with these times to keep my own heart more in focus before I even knew or understood the times of processionals – which made the event even more poignant to me.  I was surprised at how many parasols I saw! 🙂  Lots and lots of people were dressed in their finest – clear down to boots for little boys and dressy shoes for little girls. There were others who dressed as if they were are the way to the beach – just as loose and provocative as could be (maybe the only dressy clothes they have are provocative ones 😦 )

The sawdust carpets were lovely – I could tell a considerable amount of thought and preparation went into preparation before morning’s work began.  The colors were bold and brilliant! Some carpets were uncomplicated in design and others were much more intense. That was the same for the messages – some were simple yet, profound and others were intended to cause one to think.

Part of what I appreciate about this time of year is that occasions such as this give one an excuse to display the intensity of emotions that Jesus’ life and sacrifice deserve. For this little bit of time one is granted permission to express deep sorrow and then joy and it’s accepted as normal or natural. It’s a pity thoughts and emotions aren’t centered on Christ Jesus more often. It’s sad that we’re considered fanatical or liberal or ‘over the top’ if we do let our emotions get the best of us.

So, all that being understood, now I want to share some  of the photos and soon I’ll post some thoughts that went with them. I hope you enjoy!

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