Posted by: Robin Lynn | 02/07/2012

This, Too, Shall Pass

Tuesdays are terrific- coming as they do after our marvelous Mondays but, today shines brighter for me because of my ‘feeling good’.

I try not to brag but I remain grateful and cognizant of the fact that I am a relatively very healthy person. I’m not on any prescription meds and unfortunately forget to take vitamins regularly so, basically I just take the random pain or tummy med as needed – but, I could go weeks and not even need one of those. I delight in my good health and use it to its fullest – which, because of living here without a car, and the necessity of carrying loads hither and yon, not a day goes by that I don’t lift up praise that I can put one foot in front of the other as needed.

Again, I am not bragging but say all this to confess, I am not a ‘good’ sick person. If I am not careful I become my own worst enemy. All the worst traits of who I am come out … a grumbler, a complainer, losing patience quickly and snapping at others who are dear to me, getting up and doing when I should be still, allowing negativity (which is not my second nature) to gain a foothold in my heart. Whew – it’s a fact, I am not good at being sick even when I know for certain, “this, too, shall pass” – I get way frustrated in the waiting on it.

Some people are such wonderful, good examples to others in their sickness – they just shine and seem to be almost *holy* in their actions and attitude. Well, goodness doesn’t come natural to me – especially in sickness. So, how did all this begin and what lessons did I learn?

Well, 3 weeks ago I was laid low with back problems (probably because I did way to much the week before.) I was being forced to be still for a few days (I couldn’t move without pain) and the men in the family took on some rare jobs. Jake was on his own with shopping and did some cooking too, plus our laundry – and in reality, both he and Lowell were a great help and got things done. Feeling better, but not normal, the next week was back to busyness – slowly doing some catch-up and then new activities as well – visitation, my Wednesday class for kids, counseling, and then the wedding, teaching on Sunday, by the time that Monday morning rolled around I was back in bed again but this time with a fever, headache and cough – the fever was part of a 5-day virus that’s making its rounds, so, there was no forcing the issue. By Friday evening I was finally fever-free just weak. And, I felt good enough for ladies class Saturday afternoon, newly marrieds in our house that evening, Good Samaritan box give-away on Sunday morning, worshiping with the saints and then, teaching again Sunday night.  There was a long walk and grocery shopping on Monday … which brings me to Today … I still have a wicked cough but it’s so much better – and best of all – I am pain-free.

Through my journey of being *sickly* these last 3 weeks I fought my battles with frustration, complaining and other vices by making up my mind to do several things …

  1. Let go and let God … *and family, in this case, my men, just ‘do’ for me.
  2. Pray with a purpose … *if you can’t move your body, you can still fight battles with prayer.
  3. Read constructively … *read the Lord of the Rings series (well, I’m in the last few page! – pure delight), studied the Life of Christ.
  4. Just Stop, Look and Listen! … *paid attention to details of my heart and home – dreamed and planned for what is next.

I am lifting praise for feeling better. I hope lessons learned will stick with me. I am so content to look to the needs of others and respond in good health. I am eager to get things done that were brought to my attention through my mediation and prayers and know, I must make effort to continue meditation-times – in order to keep my priorities straight and my heart in tune.


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