Posted by: Robin Lynn | 01/20/2012


I have seen any number of bloggers post that they were MIA or missing in action when they go several days or even weeks without posting. I have been missing for sure, from this site, and truth be told, I hadn’t done much on my other sites either. ‘In Action’ is important to remember here though because in one way, I guess I was gone because of action.

December wasn’t an easy month. Sometimes the holiday season – from Thanksgiving through New Years – is just hard on a person when they’ve either lost loved ones in death or are far from other loved ones during this time. I fit into both categories. I don’t believe I really went into ‘depression’ per se, but because of that and also, because our finances were/are so unpredictable it didn’t feel like joyful holidays of years past. We still enjoyed our Honduran church family and neighbors but everyone was pretty much caught up in their own personal celebrations. I did have the neighborhood children in for holiday crafts 4 or 5 times and that was fun. I helped cook for the Christmas dinner and even baked cakes for someone on Christmas day.

But the best thing ever, we had to leave the country for our 90 day extensions and because of special, one-time monetary gift from a cousin, we were able to go to Belize and spend several days the 26th – 30th. We needed that – I needed that. Having lived over 10 years at Myrtle Beach, the shore is in my heart and my soul thrives and renews itself when I am on a beach. It was a blessed time. A time of renewal.

We came back to solid busyness which is basically a way of life here – and it shows no sign of letting up – however, I have slowed down. For the 1st time in my life I am dealing with back issues and have been forced into resting while it heals – I haven’t stopped, but am definitely moving at a slower pace and eliminating what I can. These 2 men in my life are a big help.

Lowell and I finished our 90-day Bible reading. I still remain so grateful that Lowell was with me on this journey and that we were able to discuss as we went. The Bible, in its entirety, is just the best story ever, and the New Testament is so chock full of richness. There’s chapter after chapter that if the world were to adopt living in that manner seriously, well, the world would be a different, better place. As a result of this time, I developed several study projects for myself that I will utilize in my own study time and spiritual life.

So, we are on to other things. Lowell has been investigating several options for us, and even is going to invite our kids to join us, and we are going into a New Testament reading plan soon. Right now I am finishing up the Life of Christ books I was into and Lowell is reading Power of a Praying Husband.

Since I am kind of laid up it seemed a good time to re-start some writing so, here I am.

And also, here are some pictures from the last several weeks. Enjoy!

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