Posted by: Robin Lynn | 12/13/2011

We Did It!

We finally moved into reading the New Testament. Well, let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. The change was abrupt. One moment we’re reading about the woes in the life and times of Malachi and the next we’re expected to pick up 400 years later with Matthew telling the story of the promised one. Now, my Bible is a chain-reference study Bible so I was happy to take a moment to reflect on a ‘contrast chart’ between the OT and the NT … it’s pretty cool and caused me to want to do my own so that’s an assignment I have now for myself. But anyways, the point is: we are now in the New Testament – this new covenant that is of ‘the heart’ rather than made up of all those works and rules of times past.

Jesus –

  • he’s the best teacher
  • he’s the best example
  • he’s got such a loving heart
  • he’s so real
  • he’s so good
  • he lives what he teaches.

As typical of this reading, we’re covering about 12 pages a day which will have us reading the ‘nativity’ story a few times over this month but then too,we’re living through the life, the death and yes, the resurrection … altogether, it is truly the most amazing story on earth. So often society gets stuck or hung up on the birth and then the death (ie. Christmas and Easter) but seem to forget the in between (his teachings) and the after (the church and teachings) are the whole point for the other 2 to even matter.  Jesus Christ came for a reason: to establish a new order, a Way that will bring us to the Father. His teaching was complete but the work wasn’t finished – that’s why he chose the 12 and promised the Comforter … of course, Paul comes along side them with being chosen particularly by Jesus as well. It’s all part of the divine plan – truly purposed and directed by the hand of God himself.

I’m loving where we are. I pray my heart and mind remain open and that I am always grateful for His gospel, the Good News and what it means to the world.




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