Posted by: Robin Lynn | 10/28/2011

So Much Drama!

Lowell and I will be on day 28 of our reading in the 90 day Bible challenge  – which means we’re in II Kings. The stories are fascinating, furious, filled with trauma and so much drama. The violence, death, and rampant, purposed evil just makes me so sad and mad! Of course, there’s the faithful few who try against all odds to stay true to the Lord but, by in large it’s pretty much as God predicted (God’s word … the same yesterday, today and tomorrow) … you let a little evil creep in, participate in just this small part … and before long, you’re into all of it – all the way, full-blown idolatry. The seduction was subtle. The compromise of faith in the true God to bowing down to false idols brought about generations’ worth of terrible consequences. God is definitely a jealous, righteous God.

I have had plenty of food for thought in all these readings – positive and negative feelings. One thing for sure: there’s truly nothing new under the sun.

  • We may not have access to Baal or the other gods  mentioned but sure as shooting, idols are everywhere about us in varying forms.
  • We may not go ‘all out’ in our ‘idol worship’ but having a heart divided is a common thing – ‘I’ll get rid of this while holding on to that’ (can’t have that friend or this relative offended, now can we?)
  • We may not be killing and offering our children to these particular idols …. but everyday, I am sure, we allow the influence of false ‘gods’ to creep into our own homes and slowly but surely they are captivating the hearts of us and our loved ones.

For all the negative stuff that is being talked about every so often a fresh breeze of hope and the promise of plenty appear. Why?


  • God listens.
  • God feels our pain.
  • God delights in blessing His children.

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