Posted by: R M White | 10/12/2011

My Other Quiet Time …

I guess I’ve actually extended or added to my quiet times … because, when I decided to go with the 90 Day Bible challenge I hadn’t finished the Life of Christ books I was enjoying so much.

The other set of books mentioned in my last post are like on-going friends – I visit them and love our time together. I have a favorite reading spot in our house and I guess every house we’ve lived in it’s been that way. What about you?

  • Are you ‘into’ some good inspirational books or material now?
  • Do you have a favorite spot/chair you call your own?
  • Do you have a  routine you seem to follow in your own quiet times?

My prayer when I started the Life of Christ series was that I’d fall in love with Jesus more deeply … that as I got to know Him better and in a more profound manner, I would also become a better disciple of His. How can you learn from someone if you never sit at their feet to listen and study? Also, just as we have these friends in our day to day lives I know that it is interaction with them that deepens the love you share. True friendship goes beyond the surface – good morning, how ya doin’, fine thanks. True friendship means not being afraid to learn more, participate more and yes, even sacrifice.

Well, I am still loving this book. I am making notes as I go and Lowell has been a great sounding board. Things that are really cool about a study like this are:

  • the comparisons/contrasts drawn between the gospel writers – these men are different from one another and the way they experienced Jesus is reflected in the way they wrote.
  • the little tidbits of history that are shared helps one see that this was all real – not some fairytale story made up to make us feel good
  • the characters in each story become more alive as details of where they lived, how they lived are given and looked at more closely
  • the harmony, not only of the gospels, but to the Old Testament writings is just so undeniable
  • the word usage is studied and how a certain part of speech is used can change the whole significance of a passage
  • this guy, Mark E. Moore, puts his personality into his writing and you feel like you’re just sitting over a cup of coffee at the kitchen table and he’s telling about this sweet old couple (Zachariah and Elizabeth) or Jesus and his ‘base of operations’ – Capernaum
  • oh, and the journey you are going on through these 3 years – the timeline as he is developing through comparing all 4 authors and their experiences … it’s more like a real story and I am just ‘getting it’ in a better way
  • and Jesus Christ – man, He is worth falling in love with – you’re just so proud of His reactions and love and serving that happens over and over.

So, maybe a few more highlights later but just wanted to share that in my doing the 90 Day Bible plan I haven’t put aside these other books. You know, I really think this all has played together beautifully – I am doing the one and then also reading the entire Love Story as well. Pretty exciting, if I do say so myself.


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