Posted by: Robin Lynn | 09/10/2011

Favorite Friends … Books that is.

I may have mentioned before that I have a bookmark of my Grandpa’s. It’s leather and on it is written: “books are silent friends”. My Grandpa died when I was only 8 years old so I don’t remember him really well but there’s certain things that stand out. He had a laugh like my Dad. He was shy. He was a sweetheart and I remember sitting in his lap and feeling safe and comfortable.

Back to the bookmark – I believe books can become so familiar to you that they are like friends. Or maybe you’re introduced to a book, an author, and right off you have an affinity, they speak to your heart, taking you somewhere you always longed to be. That being said, I re-read books, just like I watch movies more than once. I always run across something I missed the first or second time around.

Well, on my Dec/Jan trip to the States I happened to re-find several old books of mine that I love and I was so happy to bring them ‘home’ with me. I am glad I got them because they have come in handy. You know how in life you sometimes go through these dark times? Not really for any explicit reason but maybe just a load of circumstances that bring you down? And not really ‘down’ like in despair, but just a lethargic feeling you can’t shake. Well, I actually can pinpoint a few occurrences that have led me to the point where I knew I needed to re-visit some friends.

The first, probably most favorite ‘friend’, is Better Than Medicine, A Merry Heart, by Leroy Brownlow. The original copy was given to me by my Mom. She had several of Brownlow’s books and often gave gift versions to people. I do not even know how many times I have re-read this book, re-memorized the scriptures it suggests (I forget memory work after a while), and just been revived by the words of encouragement and wisdom of brother Brownlow. It’s out of print I guess but I have bought a good amount used ones off the internet to give away to people who needed it or just because… If you have not ever read this book you should read it. If you ever find yourself, or someone you love, down in the dumps, you should read it.

The second good old friend is a book that was my Dad’s – a pocket-size version of The Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale. This little book is a goldmine of nuggets of wisdom taken straight from the Word of God. You are valuable. You are a treasure and you have gifts galore to share with others and thereby make a difference in this world. I love this book. So did my Dad.

The third book I am re-visiting with gusto is The Magic of Thinking Big, by David Schwartz. He doesn’t talk a whole lot from the Bible but he sure uses Biblical principles throughout and I am reading the book, not from a business or salesmanship viewpoint, but in relation to me and life in Christ. This book was given to us by one of our closest friends before he took off to travel and live in other lands … he and his little family presently live as missionaries in India and are making a gigantic difference in a lot of lives. This friend of ours had read the book before he handed it off to Lowell and he has his marks all through it. Stars, underlinings, exclamation points, and remarks … I love it. Reading the book is like visiting 2 friends at once! So cool,

I know God sees me as valuable. I know I have talents and gifts unique to myself. I know I can and should make a difference in this world. I know the Father cares more for me than I can ever understand or grasp. Sometimes though, I need re-assuring and these good friends are doing just that… helping me remember, I may not be perfect, and I may have messed up big time here and there on this road we call life but by gum, by golly, I matter! There is plenty for me to still do in my life and I believe in me.



3480X: The Power of Positive Thinking, 50th Anniversary Edition


by: Robin Lynn



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