Posted by: Robin Lynn | 09/09/2011

Quiet Times

My quiet times are generally in the morning. I like it when I wake up before everyone and can sit and just ponder a while. I guess that might be called my meditation time. I reflect on myself and where I am spiritually, I think about what I may have been reading previous mornings, I celebrate the good things … all before I get started into my day.

I’ve read so many books over the years – inspirational, non-fiction, devotional type books. Kind of like a continued, on-going study time pertaining to the Christian life. Right now I’m involved in something a little different. I made up my earlier in the year that I was going to be a more devoted disciple of Christ’s – a student of his like I’ve never been before. Making this determination meant, of course, I needed to get to know him better. I first thought and began reading the gospels again – I’d read Luke and went into Acts not too long ago and now was going to concentrate on John. However, I came across a textbook of Lowell’s from his university days – the chronological Life of Christ by Mark E. Moore, volume 1. I picked it up wondering if I would be bored or in over my head but, I am loving it! Oh my, I am eager in the mornings to just open it up and see what’s happening next. It’s all familiar, but also, new. It’s comfortable and fulfilling. I am making sure I only cover just so much day by day because I am savoring the read … like a good meal. (Well, I know some people eat really fast – but not me, I love to eat slowly and enjoy.)

I love when you are in the middle of a good read, especially the Good Book, and then something happens in your day that brings a scripture to remembrance. Or, a discussion happens and you’re like – oh, yeah, I just read about that. Well, that is happening pretty often to me lately. I believe it’s because Christ is all around us. He lived this amazing life for us to follow and if we are trying to learn from him then for sure, he’s using life’s little everyday occurrences to teach us as we go.

I just finished the section about the temptations of Jesus … basically the premise is these are the 3 areas in which each of us are tempted … the lust of the flesh, the boastful pride of life, and the lust of the eyes. Yep, I’d say that just about covers it. Things I am reminded of:

  • Satan attacks us in weakest moments and it’s never a fair fight
  • we must humble ourselves, use Scripture and be led by the Spirit
  • God always sends help and protection when we need it most

Note too: all Jesus’ temptations began with “if” – and so do ours – we have a choice not to fall into Satan’s traps.

Life lessons from the Father – you gotta love it!


09511X: The Chronological Life of Christ The Chronological Life of ChristBy Mark E. MooreMoore’s two-volume work The Chronological Life of Christ has now been combined into this single book. There are many “harmonies” of the four gospels in print, and of course, countless commentaries. Moore combines both types of resource in this book, offering well-researched and profound insights in an almost conversational style. Bible class teachers will appreciate his cultural explanations, and all will applaud the spiritual lessons that Moore highlights. Many commentaries dive into deep scriptural waters, unwittingly leaving most readers behind. Moore gets straight to the point and focuses only on “the bottom line” of each scene in Jesus’ life.


Robin Lynn


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