Posted by: Robin Lynn | 05/22/2011

My Big Toe and A Gift From God

Last evening I was wearing flip-flops and I stubbed my big toe on my right foot as I was running up the stairs – I always run, up or down. I rammed it hard and it hurt so bad I wanted to cry. Believe me, it wasn’t an ‘ouch’ moment, it was an ‘OUCH’!  We had company – well, Johnny – he doesn’t really count as company – but still, I didn’t want anyone to notice … Jake did. He said, “Did you trip?” I answered briefly and still rushed to my room so I could get into the bathroom and cry. And I did, I held my red, swelling toe and made the fast decision to take 2 ibuprofen. Yes, I am a big baby. But you see, within a half hour, we had the young marrieds coming over for the evening and I had to keep going, pain-free, limp-free so no one would notice.

The pain meds worked, my toe, while still very sore, is going to be fine. Here are the pictures of the clouds that I saw as I sat at my desk while waiting for our company to come.

Hello Beauty!

It had been pouring rain just a few minutes before and continued to be an on and off rainy, stormy evening. But, right then, in the distance there was a joyous break in the clouds. I told Lowell God, the Father, gave those clouds to me as a comforting gift – this is what He was saying … “Oh, I’m sorry, Robin Lynn, cheer up, you’ll be fine! I’m still here.”  That magnificent sky was there for me! Just for me ?!?! … well, I believe God gives us all gifts of comfort, mercy, beauty – pure extravagant presents straight from His mighty heart to each of us and they are there just when we need them. However, and here’s the rub … it is up to us as to whether we will accept them. I actually pondered how many people looked up to that identical, unusual burst of glory at the same moment I did and said … “Oh, Thank You, Father!”

GOD - Art


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