Posted by: R M White | 05/17/2011

Good News

Tuesday are Terrific – don’t you think? This is why I think so today …

I think it’s terrific to hear good news from far away lands in fact,  just like water, I believe it is vital!

Like cold water to a weary soul
is good news from a distant land.                  

Proverbs 25:25

I miss the old snail mail manner of receiving news.

My Mom was an avid letter writer and since Lowell and I lived ‘far away’ for most of our married life, we were the recipients of many a newsy letter from my Mom. She wrote long letters over a period of days … adding a page one day and continuing the next. Details of the day, news of family and friends, the latest happenings in the church and town. I kept her letters – their in a box in storage right now. Before we left the country I loved reading through them. It was precious moments of time re-visited.

My dear, sweet Mom-in-law wasn’t an avid letter writer but she wrote me and our family. Her letters weren’t long but they were newsy enough to be able to imagine just what was going on. We planted the garden … this is what we planted. No rain today. So and so came by. This one is sick, this other is better. The letters may have been written over several days to a week – a few lines now and again until she had a couple of pages and she’d mail it. I kept Jerlene’s letters. There in a box in storage and I loved reading through them before we left. It was like sitting with her again and going over the day and events. So very sweet.

Both our Mothers are gone now and so I count these letters as some of my dearest treasures – a little part of them.

Well, we have received very few letters since moving overseas this time. Our Jared made sure we got a few letters in our beginning months. And Jessi sends us packages with our important mail/treats and usually encloses a pretty card with a note. Those are special – I keep them close at hand and re-read them.

But the verse still hold its significance even though we now have other means of hearing from those we love. Good news is good news in whatever manner it arrives. Over the last 3 days I have heard from our 3 oldest kids. Jared called on Sunday and we had the best visit! We try to visit weekly but it didn’t work out over Mother’s Day week-end so, I was ready! Janna called yesterday and that’s always fun. Her girls are so little they never let her alone while she is on the phone so I literally am a part of their morning – hearing this and that conversation she has with them plus our adult times. Jessi called this morning and it was such a lovely way to start my day – refreshing, and good! We use this magical contraption called MagicJack and because of it I get to hear good news from a distant land. It’s my cold water and my soul is refreshed.

I am so grateful on this Tuesday – grateful that God even wrote my heart so many years ago- it’s so cool to realize He understands our longings. Grateful that my loved ones have always looked out for my sometimes weary soul and have taken time for me.

I pray I return the favor as needed.



  1. So glad I got to talk to you today!! Some days a talk with you is just what I need to feel motivated and uplifted. I love you so much!!

    • Love you too Jessi – glad you love talking to me as well.

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