Posted by: Robin Lynn | 04/19/2011

Wonderful World in Christ

The following is from a dear sister in Christ … her identity is withheld for their protection but I wanted to share the essence of their work … and she does it beautifully.

The rickshaw is waiting for you to get inside!  You climb in and we all squeeze together and take off bouncing and swerving from side to side.  We are driven by one of the world’s best drivers!  We dodge slow traffic, pot holes, construction, cows, people, and trees!  We come to our destination…a hotel.  This is not where you stay however, you stay with us, but we are taking you out to eat for some Indian cuisine!  We go inside the restaurant and eventually eat some hot tandoori rotis with mouth-watering chicken curries, vegetables, rice and yoghurt.  There is some cool kulfi (Indian ice cream) for dessert.  We had eaten with our right hand, and so we rinse off our fingers in hot lemon water that is given us!  Then we head back outside to flag down another rickshaw to squeeze into and head on to a Bible study in one family’s home.  We arrive and take off our shoes at the door.  We are greeted warmly in the Name of Jesus.  We sit down on the floor and cross our legs.  The men sit together and the women sit together.  We begin praying for God to bless our time.  This prayer is in Hindi, as most people present understand it.  However, there may be people present whose native tongue is ****** (our state, ******’s language), Tamil, Kolkani, Gujarati, Kannada, English and more!  We share in singing, more prayers and a wonderful chance to listen to the word proclaimed.  You are asked to share some of God’s word to the group and someone is translating for you.  (women…to the women)  We greet each other and share special needs and joys.  We are served hot (garum) tea (chai) and cookies (biscuits).  We enjoy sipping on the tea and interacting with each other.  Then we tear ourselves away from each other, blessing each other and reminding each other we are always praying for one another, and we head home.  This time we’ll walk home.  We pass by many shops selling their different items, and we see the road side stand selling wada pav.  This is a nice buttered bun with a spicy potato and masala fried patty inside it.  It smells delicious, but we have to pass it up!  We mingle between the many people also walking and we try to stay clear of any cars, ricks, buses, motorbikes, bicycles, animals, etc.  We find a little short cut that is less traveled by and enjoy the coconut trees and sweet smelling flowers.  We greet people all along the way and find many warm smiles.  We pass by temples and statues which are faithfully visited and kissed to, and we are reminded of the masses who do not yet know about the Lord and Savior of all. Our hearts cry out to God as we pass by, “Lord, please be glorified in this place!”   We arrive home and thank God for His guidance for our day.  We enjoy some cool pineapple, papaya, and mango with some pomegranate seeds on top!  The doorbell rings…we have some guests!  Wow, more opportunity to study the Bible with some neighbors.  We pray for God’s help and that more souls will be added into the kingdom in this day! (And today this happened!  One man, Kenneth, who has been studying the Bible regularly was just united with Christ today!)


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