Posted by: R M White | 04/15/2011

Serendipity Blessings … Again

I have featured “serendipity” blessings a number of times over the last few years. Here was my initial explanation for these rare and special treats … basically –  Spiritual Serendipity surrounds us if we give credit to where credit is due – the Divine Author whose joy it is to bless his children by allowing us to participate in his masterpiece of the unfolding lives of those around us. It’s like God saying …. “ Wait, just a minute…. Surprise!” Well, the lives of the White family have just been blessed by such surprises.

We don’t have residency here in Honduras which basically means we have to exit the country every 3 and at the most 4 months to get a ‘renewal’ stamped in our Passports.

Well, although these exit times do take away $$ from our already tight budget, I feel confident we have gained by these ‘exits’ and are richer for it.

Exit #1 was to the States – Lowell went first and then because of Jake going to CBC, he and I went a little later. It was a wonderful trip ‘home’ for each of us. The next time found us traveling to Belize during the time Daniel was with us as an intern and it was so much fun in Placencia! In a heartbeat, I would go back again if it worked out. Each of these ‘first’ exits were filled with lovely moments with friends and family and then the absolute fun and beauty of Belize! The last exit before now was to the States over the Holidays and that was super special!

But the laws have changed, making it easier to go and get this done – we can now exit to the countries that immediately surround Honduras. So, that is what we did this time.

We got back yesterday from our whirlwind trip to El Salvador. It was very quick – it’s not like we have accumulated vacation days. It was pretty easy – a taxi to our bus terminal, a bus to the border. El Salvador! – then we had an easy pass through immigration, 5 blocks to the next bus and within 20 minutes we are in the quaint, small town of San Ignacio. After a yummy grilled chicken lunch we walked 5 minutes to Entre Pinos where it was a delight to stay for our 48 hours.

The people were accommodating, the location was lovely and cool. There was swimming, horse back riding (only a 1/2 hour but still a pleasing time!), well-kept walking paths, peacocks and rabbits running around, gorgeous view after view, and hammocks everywhere inviting you to stop and relax. Our room, with it’s adjoining little patio, was comfortable. The food was yummy (of course, I loved a time of ‘not cooking’). There is a rustic feel to the whole place but not in a negative way – it fit into the whole wonderful-rural Latino America ambiance. The architecture of Entre Pinos fit in perfectly with the design of God’s natural beauty surrounding us. My aesthetic senses were stirred every which way I looked and I loved it.

The whole time – even the bus ride back – had me counting my ‘serendipity blessings’. For a husband who takes time to find places like this and plan our trip. A time to reflect on what a blessing Jacob is in our life – to be able to share these moments of adventure with him.  A new country in our Passport! Life experiences that are fun-filled and the stuff good memories are made of. It was sweet and God is good.

Psalm 128:2
You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.

James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

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  1. I’m so jealous of your travels! The pictures are beautiful! I hope y’all got some rest while you were there. Love you always.

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