Posted by: Robin Lynn | 03/24/2011

Assurance … It’s a Blessed Feeling

Ah, to have confidence, a sureness. One needs and longs to possess an absolute certainty … the knowing that all is what it should be, what it’s supposed to be, that where she is and where she is headed is right on target.

That’s my word for this year – Assurance – my quest if you would, my journey. I am not doubtful in any way, shape or form of my Salvation. It’s more what I am doing with my salvation. I told someone recently that I just want to be able to look back at my life – tomorrow, when I’m 68, when I’m 80 and just know I did it – lived – like I was supposed to. Lived like I was created to live.

I just returned from a week of purposed renewal. Come Before Winter is designed for women in ministry – it is a beautiful work of the Lord and I was privileged and honored to have been a part of it. One of the questions on the application is what one thing you want to leave the Renewal having gained … or to take home with you. Based on my heart this new year, my request was “assurance”. So, did that happen? Have I gained, grown in, come to a new sense or understanding of my own assurance? Well, CbW has a wonderful mission statement and I felt they fulfilled it on every point.

For example … I left Come Before Winter with tons more than I arrived with.

  • I now have several advanced Bible study skills that I intend to utilize
  • I was honored beyond measure
  • I was provided with precious opportunities to discuss my own struggles and needs
  • I felt affirmed in who I am in the body of Christ
  • I was united with so many sweet women who felt as I did and do about life

It was refreshing and beautiful as I sat back and truly felt the pouring out of the Father’s indescribable gift of HESED. I am now convinced that when we open our hearts and receive God’s HESED we have the full measure of assurance we need. The trouble is not taking time to enjoy, bask in, revel in this amazing gift and that’s when you get to questioning you own assurance. God used this time to teach me … thankfully my heart was ready and waiting to learn.

I am excited about where I am in my journey … it’s been a maginifecnt time for me. Rest assured, I will be sharing more on this in the weeks to come.

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  1. I feel honored and blessed to call you friend. So glad to have shared this week with you.

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