Posted by: Robin Lynn | 03/11/2011

Thoroughly and Completely

On this Thursday I was Thoroughly and Completely Pleased and therefore wrote this note but then internet went crazy and I didn’t get to post it so I will today … because it’s still true!

I am thoroughly and completely pleased with the books I am presently in the middle of. I am a part of a family of readers. I grew up in a reading family and married a guy who loves to read and so our house always has books lying here and there. Fiction, non-fiction … they’re around us. I love good books. I hate bad books … some books are trash and should be treated like trash instead of read with their words and images stuck in your brain … but that’s a soapbox I’ll get off this instant.

I am currently reading the 4th book of Psalms (for the 3rd time recently), Everyone’s Normal Until You Get to Know Them on my own, The Power of a Praying Wife along with our two daughters, and Lowell and I are reading together The Great Omission. We just finished reading The Noticer. We both read Father Fiction in January and enjoyed it enough that we bought our own copy for Jake to read too.

I love when good books challenge you – like to be a better person, or cause you to do something out of the ordinary, or make you think and grow. I love being caught off guard by books – like you thought you knew something and wow, you were wrong, or you are re-inforced in your values. I love when a good books make you cry or laugh out loud, or make you mad as all get out, or glad, glad, glad!

And oh right, I am thoroughly and completely pleased with the books I am reading now. I hardly have time to read like I’d want, though. I get up early and read in the morning for a while on my own and then Lowell and I read together and sometimes after he leaves for the office I’ll finish up a chapter if I need to before I get the rest of the day going. I love it – I love my mind being challenged and being inspired because I always am … I am so glad God raised me up in my family and gave me to Lowell and that I get to read. Hooray!
I will posting this article and these books to Your Ninth Hour – the best store ever for your Christian book needs and it helps us with our work here in Honduras!


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