Posted by: Robin Lynn | 11/30/2010

Name That Tune!

This was a show on TV when I was a kid but, our family played it while I was growing up. When we we’re washing dishes, or traveling in the car, or sometimes just hanging out, we’d could whistle or hum a few notes, adding what we needed until the song was guessed correctly. At times we’d play the game a little differently but using words, adding one more until it was guessed. Then we’d sing it from memory.

We sang purposely as a family, too. Sometimes, we’d borrow songbooks from church. We’d sing when company came over. We sang at holidays. We’d travel to visit other family or friends and we’d sing. Singing was a part of my earliest memories of my Dad. Every where we lived I can remember him singing but most especially in his last years – in his rocking chair, with oodles of various songbooks stacked nearby to choose from.

As I got older, moved away from home and married, I continued to sing. God blessed me with a man who loves to sing, children who love to sing and we would sing. I sang to all our little ones as I rocked them. I have songbooks that I keep near the kitchen and sometimes I put them on a counter where I can open them randomly and sing whatever song pops up while I working.

We have extended family who loves to sing and also, each place we have been on the mission field we were surrounded by singing opportunities.

These aren’t just any songs, these are ‘church’ songs. Hymns, choruses, and songs that were a part of our worship and daily praise. We sometimes have played a game where we start a ‘A’ and go through the alphabet and the song that was picked either had to start with this letter (1st choice) or at least have the letter in a word of the title. Or, we go through the book, or everyone picks a number and we’d sing until we couldn’t anymore. With the bigger groups we sometimes divide into parts, sopranos here, altos, there, bass there and tenor, here. We’d sing a lot by memory – not just when we wash dishes, but in the car as well. Did you know laughing and smiling a lot goes hand in hand with singing? Yep, it does.

I am a member of God’s family, the church of Christ, and we sing A Capella. I love this about us for a lot of reasons. One reason is this, because we don’t need accompaniment, we can sing wherever, with whomever, whenever the ‘spirit’ moves us. We can sing walking down the road, or on the beach, on a mountain, with a small village church that meets in a mud hut in Africa, or in multi-million dollar facility in Nashville with the family there, or on a hillside in Rockford, NC or here in a block building … and we all sing the same – just lifting our voices as a sacrifice of praise. The languages may be different but then again they’re the same.

So, what’s the point, or is there one? Oh, yeah, this little note just had to be written because I was thanking God just the other day for my heritage … my growing up in this blessed Christian family who loved to sing. Who made singing come as natural to me as breathing. And because of them, I got to go through these years with the blessing of being able to lift my voice in praise, adoration, and petition.

You see, as I go along through my day, I still sing. And while I have been doing all the walking here in Santa Rosa, I have remembered any number of songs that deal with or start with or mention or allude to “walking”. Like, Walking Down Heaven’s Road, or We Walk with the King, or Step by Step He Leads Me, or When We’ve Gone the Last Mile of the Way, or Walking in Sunlight and more, so many more. I don’t go around blasting it out … but under my breath, humming, and when there’s no one close by, singing as I walk and walk and walk. It helps. I need it to keep my heart in the proper perspective.

Okay, now it’s your turn to …

Name that tune …

“I Want Jesus to _______ with me …”

how about:

“My God and I go in the _______ … we ______ & talk as good friends should and do.”


“Thy Word is a lamp unto my _______ …” (this one is good when we’re walking home in the dark from church!)

And I will leave you with this one … complete, no guessing the words …

O Master Let Me Walk With Thee

O Master, let me walk with Thee, in lowly paths of service free,

Tell me Thy secret, help me bear the strain of toil, the fret of care.

Help me the slow of heart to move by some clear, winning word of love;

Teach me the wayward feet to stay, and guide them in the homeward way.

In hope that sends a shining ray far down the future’s broadening way,

In peace that only Thou canst give, With Thee, O Master, let me live.

by Washington Gladden, 1879

So, go ahead now, it’s your turn to

Sing, like nobody’s listening!



  1. Beautifully stated, Robin! You made an old gal tear up! (*_*)

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