Posted by: Robin Lynn | 11/23/2010

Daily Walks

I can’t seem to get around them. They happen day in and day out, sometimes very early, mostly mid-day and several times a week in the evening. These walks.

We walk a lot here in Santa Rosa. I am probably walking more now than I have ever walked in my life. I know how the largest percentage of the world feels in their daily walks. You walk out of necessity. You walk to get somewhere, or maybe to buy something. You leave your home and start walking and it doesn’t matter if you walk, do your errands, or go and clean the church building and end up 20-30 blocks from home – even if you are worn out, you walk again to make that return trip, at times loaded with purchases, tired as all get-out … but, then, oh, the joy of seeing your house in the distance! It’s a peaceful, wonderful feeling. It’s incomparable.

It makes me think of what it will be like to see the eternal home after this long walk in life. We go through things out of necessity. We live, laugh and love along the way but at times life just wears on us. The cargo we pick up as we go gets heavy – sometimes so heavy that we’re not sure we can make it one more step. We didn’t plan it this way, it just happens – we go with a list, an agenda and before long we realize we are overloaded with the unexpected. And then too, like it or not, these dadgum hills have to be climbed! Why oh why are there so many of them!

That’s when we get blessed. The Father reminds us in one way or another that we can do this … like, you’ve climbed so high, you’re huffing and puffing and it takes you by surprise when you reach the top! yay! downhill and a renewal of strength. Or, He reminds you to slow down in other ways …maybe it’s a random flower blooming just along the path and you happen to see it out of the corner of your eye. It causes you to pause, catch your breath and with renewed energy you move on. Or a bird starts singing just for you or, better yet, school children you know come running down the road to greet you and share kisses and news of their day. Or a shop keeper has a special word for you – expresses interest in what you are about. You look up instead of down, just for a little, and see that lovely cloud, or that awesome tree. You decide to share in conversation with others on the path – or even simple exchanges … ‘Hello!’ ‘Go with God!’ ‘Blessed day!’

Blessings of a Daily Walk – I am Thankful.

Blessings in a life well lived – filled with loads, cares, necessary and unnecessary adventures of living, up and down we go, the good and bad all making the journey interesting and full. It can wear on you … this long walk we all have to take but oh, man, oh, man, I now understand more fully just how blessed we’ll be when we see that home in the distance and know that the Father will be welcoming us … and telling us to come on in!

“Rest in peace, you are home.”



  1. I started walking for exercise a while back…2+miles a day. I did it for about two weeks…and then stopped. I did enjoy the walking though, good God time. Maybe I should start again.
    I’m proud of your dedication to keep going and going…even when it’s tough. Love you!

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