Posted by: Robin Lynn | 02/23/2010

Reflections On A Tuesday

Tuesday – or Martes as it is referred to here – is a good day. I love Tuesdays. A person is already into their week, they pretty much know what is expected and the decision has already been made that it will be great! Or at least that is a choice you can make.

God is so good in giving us advice in how to live our lives. He tells us and even illustrates for us that we are not to worry. He admonishes us to redeem the time. We have instructions on how to do our work – as unto him. We are told to live peaceably with all the people around us. We’re to look out for those who need a helping hand – whether it’s the poor, the widows, the downtrodden … we’re to make a difference for the positive in their lives … and it comes back to bless us too … even to overflowing! How neat is that?

Yep, here I am – having completed one whole week in Honduras and I love Tuesdays!

For you, where ever you are and what ever your own hand finds to do this day and yes, even for this week, I pray that you will live mightily and in an attitude of victory. Know that Satan will do his utmost to undermine any good intentions you might have but with God’s help you can outwit the wiles of the devil and decide this week will be the best there ever has been.


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