Posted by: Robin Lynn | 01/25/2010

Just Another Monday…

and then again, not. This is a special Monday. Maybe the most special in our family’s recent history. Well, it may not rank up there on top for each and every member of our family but for me, as the Wife and Mom of this clan, its holding its own near the top.  


Remember way back when I wrote a note on paths? I made our little path for the primary reason of not wanting to step in the mud on the way out with the dogs on a rainy days. Then, after a few months I had to re-do this path because of my poor vision of future erosion and my shoddy, quick workmanship. So, I re-worked the path with some advice from my brother-in-law and also, Jake’s help. Here’s that note. Paths – Are Yours In Order? 


As a result of the melting of our heavy snowfall and an unprecedented amount of rainfall over this week-end we now have a little path that looks like this: 




Mulch is almost gone, the stepping stones are displaced or totally covered and the ground is a soggy mess. In fact, the gravel driveway took a beating these winter days with the inordinate amount of overflow from the pasture.  


Which brings me to this Monday and where I am spiritually. I am coming out of a slump – too many emotional storms. I’m in a deep, soggy valley of wondering and questioning and spiritual numbness – like caught in a quagmire and just generally out of sorts. I know most of this is due to lots of rainy days plus an emotional over-load. Too many feelings are rushing through my life for my heart to handle with dignity. I ‘give in’ instead of being stoic and strong. I cry in the shower because I miss my son. I cry at commercials. I cry at newscasts of Haiti and stories on the internet. On the other hand there’s been lots of humor – I love the laughing times and they are frequent too, and I am grateful as all get out for my silly-willy sons and crazy hubby.  


But today, the sun is shining. You see, I am sun-powered along with Son-powered. It is just how I am made. Today God gave me (and the Piedmont area) a true-blue sky with brilliant sunshine and my faith is back on its spiritual axis. My emotions are in alignment and I know again the reality of Jesus’ assurance.  


Our path in life sure hasn’t been what we originally laid out. Our plan to move to Honduras has stretched on for an incredibly long time and what is true one day is washed away tomorrow. But it’s okay. God is the ultimate author and is in the process of writing a beautiful story – pieces of which are being re-told over and over already.  


I also read below, what was written by Dr. Bob Whittaker, and it, along with the sunshine, and an excellent lesson by Lowell yesterday morning have helped me tremendously. 


“If you believe in a providential God who is involved in the equation, it leaves you free to do your best,” Bob said. “I have that serene feeling that it’s going to be OK, in the end. It may be rough on the way, but it will be OK in the end.” 


It’s going to be alright. I know that trust in God allows me to be free to do my best. The path to Honduras, is in reality, God’s path … complete with lovely steps, a few detours, but always, a confident end in sight. 

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  1. Great post…so true! Thanks for sharing!

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