Posted by: Robin Lynn | 11/17/2009

My Blessings, Spring 2007

Arbitrarily ran across pieces of notebook paper as I was looking for something entirely different yesterday morning. I don’t know how it is in your home but every so often in ours, we will turn rooms ‘upside down’ in a chaotic search for something that is missing. Even though the missing item still has not been found, I discovered this treasure and am willing to share it. This willingness comes particularly now because during this month of November I, along with several other facebook friends, issued the challenge to people to find something to be thankful for each and every day leading up to Thanksgiving and post it on their profile. A few good souls are following through with this and I have really enjoyed reading these precious notes.

Well, this following note is result of a practice I began over 25 years ago called Prayer Journaling. I do not claim to be consistently habitual with this although I do have numerous notebooks filled with my praises and requests. Every so often I happen upon a random notebook and sit down to peruse the way God has been telling my story. Never, ever, do I leave a reading and not sit in absolute awe as to how the Father so lovingly guided my footsteps and that of my family.

As stated, this note was in Spring 2007. I remember clearly sitting in the sunshine outside the back door of our house in Charlotte. This was during the time when I was making the weekly ‘pilgrimage’ to my sister’s house where we were caring for my now deceased Mom and sister, Jonell. Only those who have been intimately involved in care-giving to the terminally ill will understand the deep exhaustion lived with daily during this bittersweet task.

The reason to sit in the sun, well, I often claim to be ‘solar-powered’ and too … I bathe also in Son-light; using these times to not only praise, but be strengthened. This is what I found yesterday and had written in my prayer journal – not knowing then that Mom would soon be leaving this earth … June 23.

A Small List of My Blessings …

God, as my Father


Being a Christian

godly parents that taught me

a Christian husband that loves me!

Dear Lowell as my best friend.

The Holy Spirit

Janna, the best 1st born!

Jessi, the sweetest daughter!

Jared, an ideal son!

Jacob, a constant joy!

A living Mother to still love on.

My sweet Jonell to serve and love.

Faye to be friends with.

The backyard – right now – the sounds of nature: the birds, the insects, the rustling leaves.

… I hear traffic, too, and thank God I can hear.

I feel the wind touching my skin

I can see, the colors are glorious – green is predominate but so many shades and hues – a virtual living palette.

My healthy mind –

its ability to think, reason, rationalize, and make conscious choice.

What a blessing is this emotional heart of mine!

I can love, feel joy, be awe-struck.

I can choose to delight in life –

I can choose to stand amazed at this incredible world that surrounds me.

I relish and devour God’s Word.

What a blessing to be able to feast every day – at my choosing, on His divine Word and drink to my satisfaction from His fountain –

what pure and and awesome enjoyment!

Oh, God, Father, You are so good!

My health – this physical body of mine –

I am so very blessed –

I can see, I can hear, I can walk and even run!

From the tips of my toes, to my fingers and

even the hair on head –

I am blessed with health! For this

day, this moment in time – I give thanks for my health.

I have fine motor skills & coordination –

I have creative abilities and

such imagination

I have discernment and logical skills.

I feel minor pain in my right wrist

& I marvel at it – thank God I

have a wrist & a right hand &

that it moves at my will!

Oh, Father, creator, You are so good.

Wow! The material blessings I have –

how totally fortunate I am –

how blessed to have Lowell provide

for me year after year, day after day,

moment by moment –

And of course, he, Lowell, is loved and

given strength for this task by You, God.

Oh, God, you are so good.

For our home, the chair I am sitting on, the food I eat this day, the drink

I consume this day – I thank You.

For my clothes, the computer, the van –

for all I touch & use this day –

may I use it to bring glory

to your Son.

For each member of my extended family – I thank You.

For our Christian family – I give thanks.

Through Jesus, my Savior,

I offer these words of Thanksgiving. Amen.

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  1. Once again, I have been blessed by your writing. You and I think more alike than I thought possible. Who knows? Maybe one day, I will be able to venture to put things in writing as well. You are definitely an encourager.

  2. Bee u tee full, as usual!

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