Posted by: Robin Lynn | 11/06/2009

TGIF Everyone – It’s All About Chi!

Today God is First” is the way one amazing woman lives … every single day!

Remember when I introduced this I said, “Friday Fun can be about Feeling Good and there’s nothing like helping others to make you feel good.” In keeping with my new tradition, I will highlight an incredible woman named Chi Ekwenye.

I was first introduced to Chi when I walked into Joan Dixon’s living room in Ukpom, Nigeria in 1998. Chi knew who I was … hmmm, this was curious … it turns out the church who supported her was where my cousin and her husband attended in Georgia … he was an elder there. Joy and Ed had told her that me and my family lived at NCBC and to look us up if she was ever nearby. Thus began one of those amazing friendships that runs deep in your soul … you become not just sisters in the faith but joined at the heart.

My first impression of Chi was that she had a “presence” about her that no one could ignore. She was gracious, regal and just ‘light’. She radiated goodness. She made a person want to be near her like a flame draws a moth. The room was brighter when she walked in. After all these years my first impression still rings true. Chi has brought light to 1000’s in her home country of Nigeria, West Africa.

Click here to join this group and see this video of Chi – her story, and some of the wonderful ways her dream has come true in Nigeria.

Sit back, grab some tissue and be inspired by Chi. God is sooooo very great! Remember, there is always a way.


Make sure you visit Right Steps and see for yourself some of the Amazing Projects that have come to fruition all because a little eight year old girl had a Dream!  Click here and go to Right Steps!

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