Posted by: Robin Lynn | 10/29/2009

Thankful on a Thursday

Thankful … do you feel it?

for your homes, the food you eat, the jobs you have, your family, your clothes? Are you truly and absolutely thankful? Today I was once again reminded of so many who don’t have the simple everyday blessings that we just assume will be there each and every Thursday. We take them for granted, like its our right to have them and not only that  – we demand more! A bigger house, more shoes, gourmet food, the best clothes. Never doubt … We are so very privileged.

I think we all realize there are ‘the poor’ – you know, those people that do without. Those people who live on the streets, in the alleys, under the bridges … those people. But, you know what?  there are some people who do more than just realize – they actually see ‘those people’ and know they are real people – that they matter.

Today I am mentioning two and I don’t think they get near enough recognition for what they do. These are people just like you and me but they turned their lives upside down, inside out and right side up for the Lord … being His hands in the Tegucigalpa Dump and they – along with a few others – are making a difference.

I want to spread the word about these special ones that work so unselfishly in the name of Christ. Give all the glory to the Lord but know and be assured these are folks who have taken the example of Jesus to heart and are living like him. I want to give a ‘shout-out’ for Marc and Terri Tindall …  here are some recent notes from Marc on his facebook page …


Monday — Working today on stuff for the Thanksgiving Build week and for the December 9 Banquet for Jesus at the Tegucigalpa Dump. Looks like we will be given a plot of land for our houses and we have a local sponsor that will help us with tables, chairs, and a tent for the Banquet. Imagine – 300+ dump people having a sit down meal with people serving them until they are filled. We are blessed.


Today – had food for 300, same as every Wed. The difference, we didn’t have enough. Since we started having enough food for 300, we have never run out. More kids, more women, more people. Making lots of friends in the dump. Still trying to figure it out. Met a young man named Marcos, he spent 11 years in a children’s home. Makes me more certain that the next piece is a transition home. Be a blessing to somebody today …

Here is the book that Marc has recently published about the people at the dump

Click on: FACES

… let your hearts be touched …

and at the very least … be Thankful on a Thursday.

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